27th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion
and Plasma Physics ,12-16 June 2000

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 24B (2000)

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Abdalla, T. M. P3.102
Abdullaev, S. S. P2.097
Acedo, P. P3.118
Afanasyev, V. I. P1.109
Agheorghiesei, C. P4.006
Ahmad, I. P3.112
Ahn, J-W. P4.088
Aizawa, M. P4.032
Ajmad, I. P2.119
Akers, R. P4.067
Akiduki, T. P4.036
Albajar, F. P3.064
Alejaldre, C. P1.038
Alejaldre, C. P3.088
Alekseyev, A. G. P2.040
Alikaev, V. V. OR.026
Alikaev, V. V. P2.031
Alikaev, V. V. P2.037
Alikaev, V. V. P2.039
Alladio, F. P1.023
Allen, S. L. P2.095
Alm-Lytz, K. M. P3.101
Almoguera, L. P1.038
Alonso, J. P1.038
Alper, B. P1.046
Alper, B. P1.048
Alper, B. P1.049
Amano, T. P4.016
Amiranoff, F. OR.025
Amoretti, M. P1.006
Anderson, J. K. P3.053
Andersson, F. P4.070
Andreev, S. S. P2.112
Andreev, V. F. P2.109
Andreiko, M. V. P2.016
Andrenucci, M. OR.021
Andrushchenko, Zh. N. P1.045
Andrushchenko, Zh. N. P1.068
Andrushchenko, Zh. N. P2.070
Angelis, R. De P1.023
Angelis, R. De P4.086
Angioni, C. P1.077
Angioni, C. P4.099
Aniel, T. P2.046
Aniel, T. P2.047
Aniel, T. P2.105
Anikeev, A. V. P3.018
Anikeev, A. V. P3.019
Anikeev, A. V. P3.020
Antar, G. P2.049
Antoni, V. OR.005
Antoni, V. P1.061
Antoni, V. P3.054
Antoni, V. P4.028
Antonicci, A. OR.025
Antropov, N. N. OR.021
Apicella, M. L. P4.086
Appel, L. C. P4.067
Apruzzese, G. P1.023
Apruzzese, G. P4.086
Arzhannikov, A. V. P3.021
Arzhannikov, A. V. P3.022
Ascasíbar, E. P1.035
Ascasíbar, E. P1.037
Ascasíbar, E. P1.038
Ascasibar, E. P1.031
Ascasibar, E. P3.059
Ashida, H. P1.079
Ashida, H. P2.017
Ashikawa, N. P1.104
Askinazi, L. G. P2.015
Askinazi, L. G. P2.016
Asp, E. P4.004
Astrelin, V. T. P3.021
Astrelin, V. T. P3.022
Attico, N. P1.011
Aumayr, F. P2.065
Austin, M. E. P1.108
Avram, C. P2.113
Azarenkov, N. P4.056
Azarenkov, N. A. P2.123
Azarenkov, N. A. P2.124