27th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion
and Plasma Physics ,12-16 June 2000

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 24B (2000)

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A. Basic plasma physics
B. Magnetic confinement
C. Inertial confinement, laser plasmas, short pulse phenomena
D. Low temperature plasmas
E. Astrophysical and geophysical plasmas
F. Plasma and magnetic confinement theory and modelling
G. Plasma edge physics
H. Plasma heating
I. Plasma diagnostics
J. Plasma application, processing, radiation generation, dusty plasmas

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A. Basic plasma physics

NumberTopicFirst AuthorTitle
OR_009A A. Fasoli Collision-less Magnetic Reconnection in a Toroidal Magnetic Cusp
OR_010A R. Sugaya Cross-Field Plasma Acceleration and Potential Formation in a Relativistic Magnetized Plasma
OR_023A J. Bergmans Stability of localized structures in magnetized plasmas
P1_001A E.Z. Gusakov Theory of three-wave coupling ina warm magnetized plasmas.
P1_003A B.T. Kress Incompressible pressure determinations
P1_004A L. Sorriso-Valvo Non-gaussian probability distribution functions in two dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
P1_006A M. Romé Vortex Motion in a Pure Electron Plasma
P1_007A I. Kotelnikov Thermal Equilibrium of Annular Nonneutral Plasmas
P1_011A N. Attico Collisionless reconnection in the whistler frequency regime
P1_012A M. Brunetti Nonlinear Landau damping in the relativistic and non-relativistic regime
P1_013A E. Lazzaro Propagation and Damping of Long MHD Waves In a Strongly Non-uniform Plasma
P1_015A D. Grasso Long Term Evolution of Magnetic Reconnection Processes
P1_016A R. Gaelzer The Effective Dielectric Tensor for Plasmas with Inhomogeneities in Density and Magnetic Field
P1_017A S. Eguilior Runaway Source Term as an Escape Process in a Potential
P1_018A A. Mohri Experiment on Nonneutral Electron Plasma Confinement in a Field Composed of a Magnetic Quadrupole and an Electric Octapole
P2_001A W. Entler 3D Finite Larmor Radius Guiding Center Model of a Plasma Edge
P2_002A M.S. Benilov Improving the Child-Langmuir sheath model
P2_003A C.F. Figarella Feedback control of drift waves turbulence and chaos
P2_008A A.I. Pyatak Fast magnetosonic wave transmission through cyclotron resonance layer under propagation across nonuniform magnetic field
P2_010A S. Klose Ion-Drift-Waves in the PSI-2
P3_001A B. Weyssow Chaotic adiabatic dynamics in a 2D electrostatic field
P3_002A I. Kourakis Kinetic theory and diffusion coefficients for plasma in a uniform magnetic field
P3_003A S. Louies Current Drive via Autoresonance and Intermittent Trapping Mechanism - A Numerical Study
P3_004A T. Nagasawa Oscillatory Phenomena in the Space Potential Hole made by the Pinpoint Plasma
P3_005A T. Honzawa Emission of High Frequency Oscillations and its External Control by Low Frequency Fields
P3_006A T. Honzawa Nonlinear behavior ...
P3_007A A.J.C. Beliën Axisymmetric Plasma Equilibria with Flow: A New Solver
P3_008A R.Keppens The evolution of the compressible magnetized wake
P3_009A B.N. Kuvshinov Spherical electron vortices
P3_010A G. Valori Temperature gradients in magnetic reconnection
P4_002A V.S. Burmasov Investigation of Long-Wavelength Ion-Acoustic Waves in Plasma with Strong Langmuir Turbulence
P4_003A K. Wiklund Non-linear wave interaction in a Hamiltonian family of Hasegawa-Mima related equation
P4_004A E. Asp Ship-Wave Eigenmodes of Drift Type in Rotating Tokamak Plasmas
P4_005A I. Sandberg Drift Wave Eigenmodes in Toroidally Rotating Tokamak Plasma
P4_006A C. Agheorghiesei Experimental results and numerical simulation on the ion space charge formation
P4_007A V. Pohoata Anodic double layer oscillations as a source for ion-acoustic waves
P4_008A D. Dorozhkina Ambipolar Effects in ECR Heating of a Plasma Column
P4_013A L.B. Ran Characteristics of Improved Confinement Plasma in HL-1M

B. Magnetic confinement

OR_007B F. Salzedas The experimental relation between the tearing mode growth rate and the perturbed magnetic field
OR_008B M. Maraschek Stabilisation of Neoclassical Tearing Modes in ASDEX Upgrade with ECRH
OR_019B C.D. Challis The Effect of LHCD on the Evolution of Internal Transport Barriers in JET
OR_020B S. Takeji Improvement of Plasma Performance Toward Steady-state High-beta Tokamak Operation in JT-60U
OR_026B N.A. Kirneva H-mode investigation under ECRH on T-10. Density limit experiments under ECRH (ECCD) and gas-puffing on T-10.
OR_027B M.G. Bell Physics Results from the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P1_021B F. Crisanti ExB Flow shearing rate evaluation in JET ITB discharges
P1_022B D. Pacella Peculiarities of space and time evolution of iron impurity injected in the FTU tokamak plasmas
P1_023B F. Alladio Results of Proto-Pinch Testbench for the Proto-Sphera experiment
P1_024B J.R. Martin-Solis Runaway electron measurements in the FTU tokamak
P1_025B H. Reimerdes Neoclassical tearing modes in TCV
P1_026B I. Furno Influence of Electron Cyclotron Heating on Electron Density Behavior
P1_027B Y.R. Martin Ohmic H-mode Accessibility in Shaped TCV Plasmas
P1_028B J.B. Lister Plasma Equilibrium Response Modelling Experiments on the JT-60U and TCV Tokamaks
P1_029B F. Hofmann Effect of ELMs on the Measurement of Vertical Plasma Position in TCV
P1_031B B. Zurro Impurity ion rotation and temperature behaviour in the TJ-II stellarator as a function of injected power and magnetic configuration
P1_032B F.L. Tabares Edge Transport Characterisation of Hydrogen and Helium Plasmas in TJ-II Stellarator
P1_034B J.A. Jimenez Bootstrap Burrent Studies in the TJ-II Heliac
P1_035B I. García-Cortés ELM-like Transport Events in TJ-II Stellarator
P1_036B F. Castejón Internal Heat Transport Barriers in TJ-II
P1_037B E. Ascasíbar Magnetic configuration dependence of the plasma energy content in TJ-II Stellarator
P1_038B C. Alejaldre Latest Experimental Results of TJ-II Flexible Heliac
P1_040B C.D. Warrick Controlled seeding and stabilisation of neo-classical tearing modes in COMPASS-D
P1_041B R. Martin Operation Limits, VDEs and Halo Currents on MAST
P1_042B H. Meyer Investigation of the influence of edge parameters on L-H-mode transitions on COMPASS-D
P1_043B S.A. Sabbagh Investigation of Experimental Equilibrium Domain in NSTX Ohmic Plasmas
P1_045B Zh.N. Andrushchenko Lagrangian formulation of the transport theory for energetic ions in toroidal plasmas
P1_046B E. Joffrin Role of MHD in the triggering and destruction of ITBs in JET
P1_047B G.L. Jackson Impurity Seeding of JET L-mode Diverted Plasmas with q(0)>1
P1_048B C. Gormezano High Beta Plasmas with Internal Transport Barriers in JET
P1_049B N.C. Hawkes Current profile and $E_r$ results with MSE measurements in JET Optimised Shear Plasmas
P1_050B Y. Sarazin Dynamics of ITB perturbation due to large ELMs in JET
P2_012B S.I. Lashkul Transport Barrier Dynamics with Lower Hybrid Heating in the FT-2 Tokamak Experiments
P2_013B N. Sakharov First Plasma Experiments on Spherical Tokamak Globus-M
P2_014B L.A. Esipov Acceleration of electrons during the second fast vortex electric field ramp up in the FT-2 tokamak plasma
P2_015B L.G. Askinazi The H-mode transition mechanism studies using different edge plasma perturbations on the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P2_016B S.V. Lebedev Confinement bifurcation by magnetic compression on TUMAN-3
P2_017B Y. Maejima Single Helicity Steady State of Reversed Field Pinch Plasma
P2_018B Y. Yagi Characteristics of Global Confinement Properties in TPE-RX Reversed Field Pinch
P2_019B H. Koguchi Cause of mode-locking phenomena in TPE-RX
P2_020B K. Yatsu High Density Operation of Potential Confinement in the GAMMA 10 Tandem Mirror
P2_022B C.M. Greenfield Improvement of Core Barriers with ECH and Counter-NBI in DIII-D
P2_023B J.R. Ferron H-Mode Edge-Driven Instabilities as Low-n Kink/Ballooning Modes
P2_024B P. Gohil Studies of H-Mode Plasmas Produced Directly by Pellet Injection in the DIII-D Tokamak
P2_025B J.C. Rost Comparison of Edge Fluctuation Measurements from PCI, BES, Langmuir Probes and Reflectometry on DIII-D
P2_026B M. Murakami The Physics of Confinement Improvement With Impurity Seeding in DIII-D
P2_027B T.L. Rhodes Turbulent Radial Correlation Lengths in the DIII-D Tokamak
P2_028B A.B. Kukushkin Wild Cables In Tokamak Plasmas (Theoretical View)
P2_029B A.B. Kukushkin Wild Cables In Tokamak Plasmas (Experiment)
P2_031B N.A. Kirneva Investigations of plasma behavior in vicinity of $q_{min}$=1
P2_036B L.G. Eliseev Behavior of the plasma electric potential during the internal and external transport barriers formation
P2_037B D.A. Kislov Soft Beta Limits in T-10 Tokamak.
P2_038B P.V. Savrukhin Small-scale modes in T-10 tokamak
P2_039B V.V. Alikaev Investigation of the electron internal barrier formation mechanism in T-10 tokamak
P2_040B A.M. Belov Observation of fast penetration of impurities into the plasma core during the disruptions at T-11M tokamak
P2_041B T. Mizuuchi The Initial Experiment in Heliotron J
P2_042B G. Kocsis The effect of pellet size on the pellet cloud distribution and radiation
P2_043B A.H. Kritz Multi-Mode Model Transport Simulations of Internal Transport Barriers in JET and DIII-D
P2_044B W.R. Hess Measurement of Impurity Profile Modifications with a modulated Diagnostic Beam
P2_045B G. Martin Fast electron dynamics in the tore-supra plasma edge
P2_046B G.T. Hoang Test of Electron Heat Diffusivity Against The Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence Model and Investigation of Critical Temperature Gradient on Tore Supra
P2_047B X. Litaudon q-profile evolution and improved core electron confinement in the full current drive operation on Tore Supra
P2_048B X.L. Zou First ECRH Experiments in Tore Supra
P2_049B P. Devynck The Hurst exponent and long-time correlation
P2_050B R. Raman Coaxial Helicity Injection for the generation of non-inductive current in NSTX
P3_016B S.Yu.Taskaev Obtaining of Hot Plasma in a Mirror by an Arc Source
P3_017B A.A. Lizunov Study of the MHD-stability of the multicomponent plasma with the finite beta confined in the Gas-Dynamic Trap
P3_018B A.V. Anikeev Study of the distribution of DD reaction intensity in the GDT experiments
P3_019B A.N.Karpushov Integrated Transport Code System for Multicomponent High-Beta Plasmas in the Gas-Dynamic Trap
P3_020B A.V.Anikeev Study of the axial distribution of DD reaction intensity in the GDT experiments
P3_021B A.V. Arzhannikov First experiments with multimirror confinement at the GOL-3-II facility
P3_022B A.V. Arzhannikov Pellet Injection in Beam-Heated Plasma on the GOL-3-II Facility
P3_023B P. Mantica Heat Transport Barriers in RTP: Diffusive or Convective?
P3_024B N.P. Basse Density Fluctuations During Confinement Changes in the Wendelstein 7-AS Stellarator
P3_025B G.M.D. Hogeweij Dependence of Electron Thermal Transport on $\nu_{e}^{\ast}$
P3_027B V.S. Udintsev Large m/n = 2/1 modes observation in TEXTOR-94 plasmas.
P3_028B V.S. Udintsev Non-thermal electrons in TEXTOR-94 tokamak plasmas.
P3_029B H. Urano Density Dependence of Thermal Energy Confinement Properties of ELMy H-mode in JT-60U
P3_030B S. Günter MHD phenomena in advanced scenarios on ASDEX Upgrade
P3_031B P. Barabaschi A Dimensional Extrapolation Technique based on a System Code applied to the ITER H-mode Energy Confinement Database
P3_032B J. P. Meskat Analysis of the Dynamics of Tearing Modes in ASDEX Upgrade
P3_033B R. Dux First Measurements of Impurity Transport in the Edge of H-Mode Plasmas at ASDEX Upgrade
P3_034B J. Stober Type-II ELMs and density peaking during high density H-modes on ASDEX Upgrade
P3_035B H. Meister Effect of the radial electric field on transport at ASDEX Upgrade
P3_036B J. Hobirk First Measurements of the Radial Electric Field with the Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic in ASDEX Upgrade
P3_038B A. Werner Fast Ion Losses in the W7-AS Stellarator
P3_039B A. Kendl Turbulent transport minimization in stellarator optimization
P3_040B H. Wobig Drift waves and test particle transport in a stellarator
P3_041B R. Burhenn On the Dependence of Impurity Transport on Density and Toroidal Magnetic Field in the Stellarator Wendelstein 7-AS
P3_042B G.D. Conway Turbulence suppression and transport barrier formation in JET and ASDEX Upgrade
P3_043B D. Bolshukhin Central transport investigations of medium to high Z impurities in ASDEX Upgrade ITB discharges
P3_044B J. Kisslinger Reduced Aspect Ratio HELIAS Configurations
P3_045B P.T. Lang Operational boundaries of pellet fueled ELMy H-modes in ASDEX Upgrade and JET
P3_046B G.V. Pereverzev Transport Modelling of ASDEX Upgrade Plasmas with Internal Transport Barrier
P3_047B M. Maraschek Scaling of the onset of neoclassical tearing modes in various scenarios in ASDEX Upgrade and ASDEX
P3_048B F. Zácek Radial variations of the floating potential in front of the lower hybrid grill of the CASTOR tokamak
P3_049B J. Stöckel Plasma polarization of the separatrix on the CASTOR tokamak
P3_050B C. Honoré Edge Plasma Turbulence Analysis For High Plasma Density
P3_051B S.P. Hirshman Transport and Stability of Compact Drift Optimized Stellarators
P3_052B S.C. Prager Local Measurements of Nonlinear Phenomena in the MST Reversed Field Pinch: Reconnection, Torques, and Dynamo
P3_053B D. Craig Transport Reduction in the MST Reversed Field Pinch via Plasma Edge Control
P4_014B K.Y.Watanabe Study of Toroidal Currents and MHD Equilibrium in LHD Experiment
P4_015B H.Yamada Characteristics of Pellet Penetration and Related Performance Improvement in LHD
P4_016B K. Yamazaki Dimensionless Transport Analysis on Plasma Radial Profiles in LHD
P4_017B K.Toi MHD Stability of Plasmas with Edge Pressure Pedestal in the Large Helical Device
P4_018B S. Okamura Design of a New Compact Helical System CHS-qa with a Quasi-Axisymmetry
P4_019B T.Shimozuma Performance of Electron Cyclotron Harmonic Heated Plasmas in Large Helical Device
P4_020B Yu.K. Kuznetsov Positive voltage spikes in runaway tokamak discharges
P4_021B S. Woodruff The sustainment of a spheromak by DC helicity injection
P4_022B S. Sinman Experiments on a Spherical Tokamak Employing an Energetic Pulse Forming Line
P4_024B M.S. Janaki Field -Reversed Configuration (FRC) as a Minimum Dissipative Relaxed State
P4_025B T. Bolzonella Behaviour of MHD modes spectrum in the RFX Reversed Field Pinch
P4_026B P. Innocente Magnetic relaxation and discrete dynamo action in RFX
P4_027B R. Lorenzini Particle and energy transport analysis by means of pellet injection in the RFX reversed field pinch
P4_028B L. Tramontin Particle and momentum balance during edge biasing in RFX%0D
P4_029B P. Franz Thermal Characterisation of Self-Organised Helical States in RFX
P4_030B R. Bilato Time Series Statistical Analysis for Electron Temperature Fluctuations Measurements in Plasmas
P4_031B R. Bartiromo Analysis of the high density limits in the RFX high current regimes
P4_032B M. Aizawa Neoclassical Transport in Helical Magnetic Axis System Controlled by Effective Toroidal Curvature
P4_033B Y. Nagamine Bootstrap Current in Low Aspect Ratio Reversed Field Pinch
P4_034B T. Namba Plasma Confinement and Relaxation on ATRAS-RFP Experiment
P4_036B S. Shiraiwa Observation of internal reconnection events on TST-2
P4_037B M. Kobayashi Penetration Process of the Externally Applied Rotating Helical Field into the Tokamak Plasma
P4_038B B. Unterberg Radiative Mantle Experiments in JET Limiter Plasmas and Comparison to the RI-Mode at TEXTOR-94
P4_039B A. Nicolai On the Accessibility of High $\beta$ - States and Long Pulse Durations in Tight Aspect Ratio Plasmas
P4_040B X.Gao Improved confinement mode in the HT-7 superconducting tokamak
P4_041B D. Kalupin Evolution of electron density, temperature and pressure profiles in the RI-mode of TEXTOR-94.
P4_042B T. S. Pedersen Radial and Poloidal Impurity Transport in the H-mode Edge Pedestal of Alcator C-Mod
P4_043B I.H. Hutchinson Tokamak Plasma Rotation without Momentum Input
P4_044B D. Testa Real-Time Measurements of Damping Rates and Instability Limits for MHD Modes on the JET Tokamak
P4_045B D. Gates Initial operation of NSTX with plasma control
P4_046B S.M. Kaye Operational Limits in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P4_047B J. Menard Flux Consumption Optimization and the Achievement of 1MA Discharges on NSTX
P4_048B M.H. Redi Stability and Transport in Compact Quasi-axially Symmetric Stellarators
P4_049B D.M. Meade Physics Basis for the Fusion Ignition Research Experiment (FIRE)
P4_050B E.D. Fredrickson Closed Loop Feedback of MHD Instabilities on DIII-D
P4_051B R.B. White Rotation and Particle Loss in Tore Supra
P4_052B F.G. Meijer Change in rotational velocity shear caused by the effect of ECH on transport barriers
P4_084B Ch. Simintzis Analytic Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibria of a Magnetically Confined Plasma with Incompressible Flows
D1_001B I. Duran Validity of Self-Organized Criticality model for the CASTOR tokamak edge plasmas
D1_002B F.C. Schüller First results of ECRH on TEXTOR: filaments, barriers, and RI-mode
D1_004B M. Gryaznevich First results from MAST

C. Inertial confinement, laser plasmas, short pulse phenomena

OR_025C D. Batani Recent experiments on fast electron transport in solid materials: electron inhibition and jet production
P1_052C L. Jacquet Numerical Studies of Indirect-Drive ICF Targets for Z-pinch Facility
P1_054C S.V. Lebedev Plasma Formation and Seeding of R-T Instabilities in Wire Array Z-pinches
P1_055C J. Robiche Cross over relativistic pitch angle scattering to magnetic pinching and X ray conversion efficiency
P2_051C A.B. Kukushkin Wild Cables In a Z-pinch and Plasma Focus
D1_003C S. Varró Single Particle Analysis of Second and Third Harmonic Generation on Solid Surfaces

D. Low temperature plasmas

OR_005D G. Serianni Plasma characterisation of a DC closed field magnetron sputtering device
OR_006D S.I. Krasheninnikov Molecular Effects in Plasma Recombination
P3_054D E. Martines Electrostatic turbulence characterisation in a DC magnetron plasma
P3_058D C. Borcia Physica basis of anomalous transport observed in plasma devices
P3_059D N. Krause Low-Temperature Plasma Turbulence in the Torsatron TJ-K
P3_061D M. Cercek Electrode floating potential in a plasma with additional energetic electrons: theory, simulation and experiment
P4_054D Yong-Sup Choi Characterization of a Large Area ICP Using a Long Range Fast Scanning Probe
P4_056D N. Azarenkov Comparative Analysis of a Low Pressure Microwave Gas Discharges Sustained by Cyclotron Surface Waves
P4_057D K.P. Shamrai Bulk, Peripheral and Near Antenna rf Power Absorption in Highly Collisional Helicon Plasma
P4_059D M. Krämer Temporal evolution of an m=+1 helicon discharge
P4_060D M. Krämer Study of the asymmetry of helicon discharges with m=1 and m=2 helical antenna coupling
P4_061D B. Újvári Antiproton cooling and extraction from an electron-antiproton trap

E. Astrophysical and geophysical plasmas

OR_017E G. Tóth The divB=0 Constraint in Shock-Capturing Magnetohydrodynamics Codes
OR_018E K.G. McClements Electron Acceleration due to High Frequency Instabilities at Supernova Remnant Shocks
P1_059E E. Henry Preliminary results on the EOS of Water in the Megabar range
P1_060E P. Platania Inhomogeneous Comptonization of CMB by Cosmological Blastwaves
P1_061E V. Carbone Intermittency in plasmas
P1_062E V.N. Tsytovich Rates of thermonuclear reactions in dense plasmas
P1_063E M.J. May Benchmarking of Atomic Physics Rates and Collisional Radiative Models for Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas for Ar, Fe, and Ge studied on the Tokamak FTU
P2_057E M. S. Janaki Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC) as a Minimum- Dissipative Relaxed State
P2_060E O.K. Cheremnykh Filtration Properties of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere for ULF EM Radiation Penetrating from Lithosphere
P2_062E N.I. Grishanov Dispersion equation of the cyclotron waves in a two-dimensional magnetospheric plasma with anisotropic particle energy
P2_063E G.N. Throumoulopoulos Magnetic Dipole Equilibrium of a Gravitating Plasma with Incompressible Flows

F. Plasma and magnetic confinement theory and modelling

OR_011F J.P. Goedbloed Plasma Rotation: Transition from linear to nonlinear dynamics
OR_015F T. Fülöp Nonlinear neoclassical transport in toroidal edge plasmas
OR_016F V. Parail Predictive Modelling of ELMy H-mode JET Plasmas with 2-D Transport Code COCONUT
P1_065F S. Voskoboinikov Modelling of Improved Core Confinement on FT-2 Tokamak
P1_068F V.A. Yavorskij Stochastic Transport of Fast Ions in Stellarators
P1_070F I.O. Girka Eigen kinetic Alfven waves localized between two Alfven resonances
P1_071F Ya.I. Kolesnichenko Alfvén eigenmode structure in Helias configurations
P1_073F Ya.I. Kolesnichenko Collisionless Loss of Transitioning Energetic Ions in Optimized Stellarators
P1_076F G. Telesca Simulation of the RFX plasmas by the self-consistent code RITM
P1_077F F. Porcelli Sawtooth magnetic reconnection with localised plasma heating
P1_078F L. Garzotti Particle transport analysis of L-mode pellet fuelled plasmas in JET
P1_079F H. Sugimoto Equilibria of Suydam Stable RFP Plasma with High Flow Shear
P1_080F P.B. Snyder Full Spectrum Stability Analysis of the Tokamak Edge Region
P1_081F M. Bouamoud Variational approach to excitation in p$^+$Be$^{3+}$ collisions at intermediate and high impact velocities
P1_082F H. Jhang Magnetics Control of Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) Plasmas
P1_083F J.Y. Kim Simulation Study of KSTAR Target Operating Modes using ASTRA
P1_084F A.N. Simakov Plasma Equilibrium with Anisotropic Pressure in the Magnetic Field of a Point Dipole and its Stability
P1_087F P.J. Catto Electron Cyclotron Current Drive with a Symmetric Spectrum in a Tokamak
P2_064F G. Kamelander Helium Recycling Studies for Iter Plasmas with Internal Transport Barrier
P2_065F H. Bürbaumer Grid Refinement for the B2 plasma edge simulation code
P2_066F S.V. Kasilov Evaluation of the parallel current density in a stellarator using the integration technique along the magnetic field line
P2_067F V.V. Nemov The plateau regime of neoclassical transport in stellarators
P2_068F V.V. Nemov The 1/$\nu$ transport regime for neoclassically optimized stellarator systems
P2_069F V.Ya. Goloborod'ko Results of 3D Fokker-Planck modelling of alpha particle loss in JET
P2_070F V.A. Yavorskij Analytical Models of Axisymmetric Toroidal Magnetic Fields with Noncircular Flux Surfaces
P2_071F H. Weisen Evidence for the role of magnetic entropy in stationary Ohmic tokamak discharges
P2_072F A. Fukuyama Analysis of Ion Cyclotron Waves and Alfven Eigenmode in a Toroidal Helical Plasma
P2_073F I. Voitsekhovitch Non-inductive tokamak: advanced scenario with radio frequency heating and current drive
P2_074F P. Beyer Evolution of turbulent transport during the formation of internal transport barrier in tokamak
P2_075F R. Tabet contribution to study of the non-Gaussian dynamics of stochastic magnetic field lines in a toroidal geometry %28tokamak%29
P2_076F J.J. Martinell Poloidal Plasma Rotation by the Ponderomotive Force of Intense Electron Cyclotron Waves
P2_077F D.Kh. Morozov Reduced descriptions of light impurities in hydrogen coronal plasmas and their validities
P2_078F G. Veres The Effect of Charge-Exchange on the Total Radiative Power Emitted by Light Impurity Elements in Hot Plasmas
P2_081F T. Hayashi Island Formation and Nonlinear Stability for Helical Plasmas Using the HINT code
P2_082F S.-I. Itoh Statistical Theory of Subcritically-Excited Strong Turbulence in Inhomogeneous Plasmas
P2_084F C.G. Liu Neoclassical poloidal plasma rotation in the presence of RF waves in tokamaks
P2_085F A.S. Ware Cross Phase Evolution in Electrostatic Turbulence
P3_062F W. Zwingmann Equilibrium Reconstruction of Tokamak Discharges with Anisotropic Pressure
P3_063F G.T.A. Huysmans Modelling of Ion-Diamagnetic Effects on Ideal MHD Modes in Tokamaks
P3_064F F. Albajar Effect of Toroidicity and Temperature Profiles on Synchrotron Losses in a Tokamak Plasma
P3_065F L.-G. Eriksson Monte Carlo Solution of the Orbit Averaged Fokker-Planck Equation Including Ripple Losses
P3_066F V. Fuchs On sustaining low or reversed magnetic shear equlibria with non-inductive current drive on JET
P3_067F V. Bergeaud Interaction of Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies Wave with Energetic Particles
P3_068F C. Bourdelle Stability Analysis of Internal Transport Barrier on Tore Supra
P3_069F R. Coelho Unlocking static coupled magnetic islands in the presence of resistive wall effects and external resonant magnetic fields
P3_070F M.F.F. Nave Effect of mode coupling on the triggering and control of neo-classical tearing modes
P3_071F C. Wahlberg Isothermal internal kink instability in a toroidally rotating tokamak plasma
P3_072F A. Bondeson Active Feedback Stabilization of Nonaxisymmetric Modes in Tokamaks
P3_073F H.E. Sätherblom Effects of Induced Toroidal Plasma Rotation on Plasma Wall Locking in the Reversed Field Pinch
P3_074F H. Persson Kinetic description of a rotating tokamak plasma in a steady state of Turbulent EquiPartition.
P3_075F S.B. Korsholm Reynolds stress and shear flow generation
P3_076F B. van der Holst New Alfven continuum gaps and global waves induced by toroidal flow
P3_077F H.J. de Blank The role of current layers in magnetic field stochastization
P3_078F A.M.R. Schilham Reproducing JET electron ITBs with the RTP q-comb model
P3_079F L. Giannone Modelling of the density limit in W7-AS
P3_080F A. Bergmann Monte Carlo delta-f simulation of wide-orbit neoclassical transport
P3_081F S. Puri Anomalous Particle Convection in Tokamaks
P3_082F G. Tardini Comparison of theory based transport models with ASDEX Upgrade data
P3_083F H.P. Zehrfeld Dissipative Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibria with Compressible Fluid Flow
P3_084F Yu. Igitkhanov The L-H Transition in Low Density Regimes
P3_086F E. Strumberger Damping of double tearing modes by differential plasma rotation
P3_088F J. Fontanet Power balance and transport studies using PRETOR code in TJ-II shots
P4_062F D.J. Kelliher Consistency of Current Profile Recovery on JET using TRANSP and EFIT codes
P4_063F T.J.J. Tala ITB Formation in Terms of $\omega_{ExB}$ Flow Shear and Magnetic Shear s on JET
P4_064F J.A. Heikkinen Numerical Simulation of Particle Flux in a Poloidally Rotating Tokamak Plasma
P4_065F S. Saarelma The Limits of $\beta$ Imposed by MHD Modes near the Plasma Edge in ASDEX Upgrade
P4_066F M. Taguchi Analytic Expression for Neoclassical Transport Coefficients Including Finite Banana-Width Effect near the Magnetic Axis
P4_067F K.G. McClements Alfven eigenmodes in a beam-assisted ohmic START discharge
P4_068F C.G. Gimblett A Rotating Shell and Stabilisation of the Tokamak Resistive Wall Mode
P4_069F K.G. McClements Interpretation of Minority Ion Cyclotron Emission during ICRF Heating in JET
P4_070F P. Helander Suppression of runaway electron avalanches by radial diffusion
P4_072F A. Ödblom Nonlinear MHD Effects in Fishbones
P4_073F R. Storer Three Dimensional Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Stability
P4_074F U. Daybelge Stability of Revisited Neoclassical Rotation in Tokamaks
P4_075F T. Iwasaki Fast Responses of Core Plasma to Dithering ELMs
P4_076F S.Yu. Medvedev Free boundary high-beta equilibria with high bootstrap current fraction in Spherical Tokamaks
P4_077F T.A. Casper Non-Inductive Current Drive Modeling Extending Advanced Takamak Operation to Steady State
P4_078F S.C. Jardin Tokamak Simulation Code Modeling of NSTX
P4_079F N.N. Gorelenkov Effect of Plasma Rotation on Sawtooth Stabilization by Beam Ions
P4_080F L. Chen Zonal Flow Excitation by Drift Waves in Toroidal Plasmas
P4_081F T.S. Hahm Theory, Simulation, and Experimental Studies of Zonal Flows
P4_082F A.Yu. Dnestrovskij Simulation of the Energy and Particle Transport in START and T-10 Tokamaks

G. Plasma edge physics

OR_003G M. A. Pedrosa Edge fluctuations and transport in the TJ-II stellarator
OR_004G T.T.C.Jones Results of JET Pellet Fuelling Experiments with Outboard and Inboard Launch
OR_012G L. Krlin Radial Electric Field Generation During Anomalous ExB Ion Diffusion
P1_088G A. Kainz ITER-like Fusion Devices Plasma Behavior Simulation: Enhancement utilizing Adaptive Mesh Application
P1_090G D. Tskhakaya Simulation of Particle Acceleration in Front of a Lower-Hybrid Grill
P1_091G M. Shoucri Study of the problem of the formation of a steep plasma gradient in front of a plate at a plasma-wall transition
P1_092G E. Pohn The application of an invariant method for the solution of the Vlasov equation at a plasma edge
P1_093G K.-S. Chung Self-consistent measurement of shear viscosity and flow velocity by using conventional Mach probes in tokamak edge plasmas
P1_094G H.Würz Dust production in ITER-FEAT off normal events and target screening by dust particles
P1_096G A. Runov Study of Heat Conductivity in DED of TEXTOR-94 Using Multiple Coordinate System Approach
P1_098G D. Mossessian H-mode pedestal studies in Alcator C-Mod
P2_086G M. Rubel Dust Particles: Morphology and Observations in the Plasma
P2_088G S.V. Shatalin Measurements of the FT-2 tokamak edge plasma fluctuations in improved confinement regimes
P2_089G A. Tonegawa Magnetic presheath structure in the sheet plasma with radial electric filed
P2_090G A. Tonegawa Influence of the negative ion on detached plasma in the sheet plasma
P2_092G A.W. Leonard High Density H-Mode Discharges with Gas Fueling and Good Confinement on DIII-D
P2_093G T.N. Carlstrom Edge $E_r$ Structure and the $\nabla$ B Drift Effect on L-H Transition
P2_094G R.J. Colchin Measurement of Neutral Densities at the Outer Midplane in DIII-D
P2_095G J.A. Boedo Parallel and E $\times$ B Flows in Detached Divertor Plasmas in DIII-D
P2_096G H.A. Claassen Calculation of Radial Electric Field and Poloidal Rotation in Tokamak Edge Plasmas under Consideration of Anomalous Transport
P2_097G S.S. Abdullaev Variation of the ergodic and laminar zones of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on TEXTOR-94
P2_098G G. Mank Tritium Deposition at TEXTOR-94
P2_100G T. Morisaki Relationship between Edge Magnetic Field Structure and Density/Temperature Profiles in LHD heliotron
P3_093G R. Pugno Volume recombination and detachment during H-mode discharges in ASDEX Upgrade and JET
P3_094G D. Hildebrandt Comparison of Erosion and Deposition Behaviour of Tungsten and Carbon in the Boundary Plasma of TEXTOR-94
P3_095G R.Neu Laser Ablation at the Inboard Side of ASDEX Upgrade
P3_096G A. Herrmann Edge behaviour and divertor load in ASDEX Upgrade discharges with H-mode edge and improved core confinement
P3_097G V. Rohde Operation of ASDEX Upgrade with Tungsten Tiles at the Central Column
P3_098G Y. Feng Formulation of a Monte Carlo model for edge plasma transport
P3_099G U. Wenzel Recombining plasmas in the ASDEX Upgrade divertor and the divertor simulator NAGDIS-II
P4_086G M.L. Apicella Effects of wall titanium coating on FTU plasma operations
P4_088G G.F. Counsell Divertor Power Loading Studies in the MAST tokamak
P4_089G A.A. Korotkov Edge Plasma Pressure Profile Evolution in Type I ELM Discharges on JET
P4_090G T.K. Soboleva Electron and Ion Heat Fluxes in the SOL Plasmas
P4_091G L. Vahala Multi-Species Equilibration using Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Simulations
P4_094G K. Shimizu Impurity Behavior in MARFE Plasma
P4_095G T. Hatae Scaling of Edge Pedestal Parameters Using the International Pedestal Database
P4_097G M. Koubiti Modelling of asymmetric D-alpha line shapes for the edge of the Tore-Supra Tokamak operated with the Ergodic Divertor
P4_098G R. Maingi Initial Wall Conditioning and Impurity Control Techniques in NSTX

H. Plasma heating

OR_001H F.W. Perkins Generation of Plasma Rotation in a Tokamak by Ion-Cyclotron Absoption of Fast Alfven Waves
OR_002H D.A. Hartmann Recent Progress with ICRF Heating on the Stellarator W7-AS
P1_099H E.Z. Gusakov Modeling of EB Wave Launch in Spherical Tokamak GLOBUS-M
P1_102H S.x. Liu Ion Heating Effects of LHCD on HT-7 Superconducting Tokamak
P1_103H S. Pécoul ICANT code: a tool to compute the characteristics of ICRH realistic antennae and their near fields
P1_104H T. Seki ICRF Heating Experiment on the Large Helical Device
P1_105H Y. Takeiri High-Density Long-Pulse Discharges Sustained by Neutral Beam Injection in Large Helical Device
P1_106H H. Idei Polarized Radiative Transfer of Electron Cyclotron Wave in LHD
P1_107H T. Ozaki Preliminary Results of the Neutral Particle Measurements in Large Helical Device
P1_108H K.L. Wong Excitation of Internal Kink Instability During Off-Axis Electron Cyclotron Heating in the DIII-D Tokamak
P2_101H V. Basiuk Ripple loss studies during ICRF Heating on Tore Supra
P2_102H F. Imbeaux 1D simulations of current profile control in purely non-inductive discharges for the Tore Supra CIEL project
P2_104H L. Colas Heat Load Patterns on Tore Supra ICRH Antennas
P2_105H F. Nguyen Ergodic Divertor experiments in Tore Supra above the Greenwald density limit with ICRF power at low magnetic field
P2_106H A. Ekedahl First Results of Coupling and Edge Plasma Interaction Experiments with the New Advanced LHCD Launcher in Tore Supra
P2_107H S.S. Pavlov On the problem of the accuracy of Fast Wave absorption estimate at the fundamental ICR harmonic
P2_108H D.W. Swain Results of High-Harmonic Fast Wave Experiments on NSTX
P2_109H A.V. Sushkov Determination of the heat flux structure after switch-off (-on) ECRH in T-10
P3_101H K.M. Rantamäki Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Wave Propagation in front of a Lower Hybrid Grill
P3_102H T.M. Abdalla Structure Formation by Strong, Localized Plasma Heating
P3_103H J. Preinhaelter Excitation of Electron Bernstein Waves in MAST
P3_104H R. Panek The Role of Nonlinear Effects in LH Wave - Plasma Interaction
P3_105H S.J. Wukitch Initial Results from an Upgraded ICRF System on Alcator C-Mod
P3_109H X.T. Ding Off-Axis ECRH Experiments on HL-1M Tokamak
P4_099H Z.A. Pietrzyk Improved internal confinement by current profile modification in shaped plasmas using ECRH and ECCD in TCV
P4_102H F. Meo ICRF Fast Wave and Mode Conversion Current Drive Scenarios on ASDEX Upgrade
P4_103H W. Ott Plasma Build-Up in W7-AS Stellarator by Neutral Beams Alone
P4_104H N. Rust Confinement of Neutral Beam Injected Fast Ions in W7-AS
P4_105H M. Brambilla Ray tracing of ion Bernstein waves excited by mode conversion in Tokamak plasmas

I. Plasma diagnostics

OR_013I S. Zoletnik Two-dimensional measurement of electron density and its fluctuation in the edge of magnetically confined plasmas by BES technique
OR_014I H.-U. Fahrbach Ion Temperature Determination from Atomic Fluxes above Neutral Beam Injection Energies in ASDEX Upgrade
P1_109I A.V. Khudoleev Charge-Exchange Diagnostics of Knock-on Deuterium-Tritium Ion Distribution Function in Fusion Plasma
P1_111I A.D. Gurchenko Correlation Upper Hybrid Resonance Scattering Diagnostics of Small Scale Turbulence in FT-1 Tokamak
P1_112I M.Yu. Kantor A Possibility of Plasma Current Density Measurements Using Suprathermal Electron Bremsstrahlung Emission
P1_113I M.Yu. Kantor Test of a Periodic Multipass-Intracavity Laser System for the Textor Multiposition Thomson Scattering Diagnostics
P1_114I E.Z. Gusakov Two dimensional theory of correlation reflectometry scattering diagnostics
P1_115I V.V. Bulanin Use of reflectometry diagnostics with tilted antenna beam for comparative studies of H-modes in TUMAN-3M tokamak
P1_116I H.P. Callaghan Pressure profile recovery on the W7-AS stellarator with external magnetic information using function parameterization
P1_117I P.J. Mc Carthy Current Profile Identification on ASDEX Upgrade from Motional Stark Effect and the CLISTE Interpretive Equilibrium Code
P1_118I A. Murari First FIR multichord Faraday rotation measurements in RFX
P1_119I J.S. Mao Multipoint Nd Laser Thomson Scattering Diagnostic for HT-7 Superconducting Tokamak
P1_120I S.Y. Zhang Innovative fast-scanning heterodyne receiver for Electron Cyclotron Emission measurements on HT-7 superconducting tokamak
P1_121I M. Sasao Development of Diagnostic Helium Beam for High Energy Particle Measurement in Magnetically Confined Plasma
P1_122I Y. J. Zheng Analysis of Pellet Ablation and Penetration in HL-1M Tokamak
P2_110I M.E. Manso Routine Density Profiles with High Spatial and Temporal Resolutions from the FM-Broadband Reflectometry System in ASDEX Upgrade
P2_111I M.N.A. Beurskens Edge electron temperature and density measurements for ITER shape studies using the JET edge LIDAR system
P2_112I L.A. Shmaenok Pilot Results on Spectrally Selective Ultra Soft X-Ray Tomography on TEXTOR
P2_113I C. Avram Plasma potential measurements in the egde plasma region of a small tokamak by means of electron emissive probes
P2_117I S. Jachmich Influence of plasma flow on the floating potential and an ensuing novel technique for measuring parallel flows
P2_118I S. Zweben Visible Imaging of Edge Turbulence in NSTX
P2_119I M. Bitter A new Method for Absolute Measurements of the Toroidal Plasma Rotation Velocity a TEXTOR-94
P2_121I J. Baranowski Diagnostics of Pulsed Plasma-Ion Streams Emitted from RPI-type Devices
P3_111I F. Clairet X mode heterodyne reflectometry on Tore Supra
P3_112I G.Bertschinger Analysis of ArXVII spectra during sawtooth crashes in TEXTOR-94 discharges with a high-resolution x-ray polarimeter
P3_113I A.Kreter Investigation of ion transport in ohmic discharges by charge-exchange recombination spectroscopy with a diagnostic hydrogen beam in TEXTOR-94
P3_114I H. Okada Development of Data Acquisition System for Heliotron J
P3_115I V.V. Pickalov Three-dimensional emission tomography of tokamak plasmas with a single tangentially viewing camera
P3_116I K.J. McCarthy Impurity behaviour studies in the TJ-II Stellarator
P3_117I A. Baciero The search for topological structures in TJ-II radiation profiles using an automated pattern recognition procedure
P3_120I V. Shevchenko ECE measurements via B-X-O mode conversion - a proposal to diagnose the q profile in spherical tokamaks
P3_121I A.G. Meigs Density and temperature measurements in detached recombining JET divertors
P4_108I T. Soetens Quantitative Beam Emission Spectroscopy on TEXTOR-94.
P4_109I G. Bonheure First measurements of 14.7 MeV proton fusion products at TEXTOR-94
P4_110I T. Kurki-Suonio Radial Electric field and Neoclassical Effects in FT-2 Tokamak
P4_111I S. Sipilä Toroidal Orbit-Following Simulation of Ion Temperature Measurements from NBI Tail Distribution in ASDEX Upgrade
P4_112I Vl. Weinzettl Space and Time Resolved XUV Spectroscopy of C V and O VII Lines
P4_113I K. Dyabilin Ion Flows Measurement using a Rotating Mach Probe on the Castor Tokamak
P4_114I G. Leclert Two-dimensional fluctuation reflectometry: a comparison of analytical expressions for the Bragg back-scattering by localized perturbations and numerical results from a full-wave code
P4_116I M. Colin Modeling of X-mode reflectometry: effect of density and magnetic fluctuations on the back-scattered wave amplitude
P4_117I F. Volpe Development of an electron Bernstein emission diagnostic for temperature profiles above the ECE cutoff density at Wendelstein 7-AS Stellarator
P4_118I J.P. Knauer A high resolution Thomson scattering system at W7-AS
P4_119I A. Serban Correlation of Neutron Anisotropy with Neutron Yield and Soft X-ray Production from a Plasma Focus
P4_121I D.S. Gray Fast Time-Scale Radiometry of DIII-D Disruptions

J. Plasma application, processing, radiation generation, dusty plasmas

OR_021J V.B. Tikhonov Investigation on a New Type of MPD Thruster
OR_022J A. Girard ECR plasmas and ECR Ion Sources
P1_124J G.I. Dimov Simulation of a Supersonic Plasma Jet with Recombination in a Magnetic Nozzle
P1_125J E.P. Kruglyakov Moderate Flux Version of 14 MeV Neutron Source Based on Gas Dynamic Plasma Confinement
P1_126J S. Pekárek Two Hollow Needles-to-Plate Electrical Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure
P1_127J H. Kiyama A Low Energy Ion Beam Plasma Source With Low Electron Temperature
P1_128J A. Serban Time-resolved Electron Beam and X-ray Emission from a Neon Plasma Focus
P1_129J R.S. Rawat Deposition of TiC Thin Films Using Dense Plasma Focus Device
P2_122J M. Shoucri The application of an Eulerian Vlasov code for the study of kinetic effects in an inductively coupled discharge
P2_123J N.A. Azarenkov Axial Structure of Gas Discharge Sustained by the Quadrupolar Wave in Three Component Magnetized Waveguide Structure
P2_124J V.P. Olefir Influence of Radial Electron Density Profile on the Axial Structure of Gas Discharges Sustained by Potential Surface Waves
P2_126J V. Girka Surface Flute Modes Propagating in Plasma Filled Cylindrical Metal Waveguides with Noncircular Cross-Section
P3_122J L. Sansonnens RF plasma deposition uniformity on square-meter substrates
P3_124J A.N. Bandura Structure and tribology characteristics of modified surface layers of steel samples processed by pulsed plasma streams
P4_124J S.I. Popel Nonlinear Waves in Dusty Plasmas and the Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation
P4_127J J.L. Ferreira Experimental Studies of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Production in A Multi Magnetic Mirror Machine