27th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion
and Plasma Physics ,12-16 June 2000

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 24B (2000)

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Oral Presentations

NumberTopicFirst AuthorTitle
OR_001H F.W. Perkins Generation of Plasma Rotation in a Tokamak by Ion-Cyclotron Absoption of Fast Alfven Waves
OR_002H D.A. Hartmann Recent Progress with ICRF Heating on the Stellarator W7-AS
OR_003G M. A. Pedrosa Edge fluctuations and transport in the TJ-II stellarator
OR_004G T.T.C.Jones Results of JET Pellet Fuelling Experiments with Outboard and Inboard Launch
OR_005D G. Serianni Plasma characterisation of a DC closed field magnetron sputtering device
OR_006D S.I. Krasheninnikov Molecular Effects in Plasma Recombination
OR_007B F. Salzedas The experimental relation between the tearing mode growth rate and the perturbed magnetic field
OR_008B M. Maraschek Stabilisation of Neoclassical Tearing Modes in ASDEX Upgrade with ECRH
OR_009A A. Fasoli Collision-less Magnetic Reconnection in a Toroidal Magnetic Cusp
OR_010A R. Sugaya Cross-Field Plasma Acceleration and Potential Formation in a Relativistic Magnetized Plasma
OR_011F J.P. Goedbloed Plasma Rotation: Transition from linear to nonlinear dynamics
OR_012G L. Krlin Radial Electric Field Generation During Anomalous ExB Ion Diffusion
OR_013I S. Zoletnik Two-dimensional measurement of electron density and its fluctuation in the edge of magnetically confined plasmas by BES technique
OR_014I H.-U. Fahrbach Ion Temperature Determination from Atomic Fluxes above Neutral Beam Injection Energies in ASDEX Upgrade
OR_015F T. Fülöp Nonlinear neoclassical transport in toroidal edge plasmas
OR_016F V. Parail Predictive Modelling of ELMy H-mode JET Plasmas with 2-D Transport Code COCONUT
OR_017E G. Tóth The divB=0 Constraint in Shock-Capturing Magnetohydrodynamics Codes
OR_018E K.G. McClements Electron Acceleration due to High Frequency Instabilities at Supernova Remnant Shocks
OR_019B C.D. Challis The Effect of LHCD on the Evolution of Internal Transport Barriers in JET
OR_020B S. Takeji Improvement of Plasma Performance Toward Steady-state High-beta Tokamak Operation in JT-60U
OR_021J V.B. Tikhonov Investigation on a New Type of MPD Thruster
OR_022J A. Girard ECR plasmas and ECR Ion Sources
OR_023A J. Bergmans Stability of localized structures in magnetized plasmas
OR_025C D. Batani Recent experiments on fast electron transport in solid materials: electron inhibition and jet production
OR_026B N.A. Kirneva H-mode investigation under ECRH on T-10. Density limit experiments under ECRH (ECCD) and gas-puffing on T-10.
OR_027B M.G. Bell Physics Results from the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Poster Session 1, Monday 12th of June 2000

P1_001A E.Z. Gusakov Theory of three-wave coupling ina warm magnetized plasmas.
P1_003A B.T. Kress Incompressible pressure determinations
P1_004A L. Sorriso-Valvo Non-gaussian probability distribution functions in two dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
P1_006A M. Romé Vortex Motion in a Pure Electron Plasma
P1_007A I. Kotelnikov Thermal Equilibrium of Annular Nonneutral Plasmas
P1_011A N. Attico Collisionless reconnection in the whistler frequency regime
P1_012A M. Brunetti Nonlinear Landau damping in the relativistic and non-relativistic regime
P1_013A E. Lazzaro Propagation and Damping of Long MHD Waves In a Strongly Non-uniform Plasma
P1_015A D. Grasso Long Term Evolution of Magnetic Reconnection Processes
P1_016A R. Gaelzer The Effective Dielectric Tensor for Plasmas with Inhomogeneities in Density and Magnetic Field
P1_017A S. Eguilior Runaway Source Term as an Escape Process in a Potential
P1_018A A. Mohri Experiment on Nonneutral Electron Plasma Confinement in a Field Composed of a Magnetic Quadrupole and an Electric Octapole
P1_021B F. Crisanti ExB Flow shearing rate evaluation in JET ITB discharges
P1_022B D. Pacella Peculiarities of space and time evolution of iron impurity injected in the FTU tokamak plasmas
P1_023B F. Alladio Results of Proto-Pinch Testbench for the Proto-Sphera experiment
P1_024B J.R. Martin-Solis Runaway electron measurements in the FTU tokamak
P1_025B H. Reimerdes Neoclassical tearing modes in TCV
P1_026B I. Furno Influence of Electron Cyclotron Heating on Electron Density Behavior
P1_027B Y.R. Martin Ohmic H-mode Accessibility in Shaped TCV Plasmas
P1_028B J.B. Lister Plasma Equilibrium Response Modelling Experiments on the JT-60U and TCV Tokamaks
P1_029B F. Hofmann Effect of ELMs on the Measurement of Vertical Plasma Position in TCV
P1_031B B. Zurro Impurity ion rotation and temperature behaviour in the TJ-II stellarator as a function of injected power and magnetic configuration
P1_032B F.L. Tabares Edge Transport Characterisation of Hydrogen and Helium Plasmas in TJ-II Stellarator
P1_034B J.A. Jimenez Bootstrap Burrent Studies in the TJ-II Heliac
P1_035B I. García-Cortés ELM-like Transport Events in TJ-II Stellarator
P1_036B F. Castejón Internal Heat Transport Barriers in TJ-II
P1_037B E. Ascasíbar Magnetic configuration dependence of the plasma energy content in TJ-II Stellarator
P1_038B C. Alejaldre Latest Experimental Results of TJ-II Flexible Heliac
P1_040B C.D. Warrick Controlled seeding and stabilisation of neo-classical tearing modes in COMPASS-D
P1_041B R. Martin Operation Limits, VDEs and Halo Currents on MAST
P1_042B H. Meyer Investigation of the influence of edge parameters on L-H-mode transitions on COMPASS-D
P1_043B S.A. Sabbagh Investigation of Experimental Equilibrium Domain in NSTX Ohmic Plasmas
P1_045B Zh.N. Andrushchenko Lagrangian formulation of the transport theory for energetic ions in toroidal plasmas
P1_046B E. Joffrin Role of MHD in the triggering and destruction of ITBs in JET
P1_047B G.L. Jackson Impurity Seeding of JET L-mode Diverted Plasmas with q(0)>1
P1_048B C. Gormezano High Beta Plasmas with Internal Transport Barriers in JET
P1_049B N.C. Hawkes Current profile and E_r results with MSE measurements in JET Optimised Shear Plasmas
P1_050B Y. Sarazin Dynamics of ITB perturbation due to large ELMs in JET
P1_052C L. Jacquet Numerical Studies of Indirect-Drive ICF Targets for Z-pinch Facility
P1_054C S.V. Lebedev Plasma Formation and Seeding of R-T Instabilities in Wire Array Z-pinches
P1_055C J. Robiche Cross over relativistic pitch angle scattering to magnetic pinching and X ray conversion efficiency
P1_059E E. Henry Preliminary results on the EOS of Water in the Megabar range
P1_060E P. Platania Inhomogeneous Comptonization of CMB by Cosmological Blastwaves
P1_061E V. Carbone Intermittency in plasmas
P1_062E V.N. Tsytovich Rates of thermonuclear reactions in dense plasmas
P1_063E M.J. May Benchmarking of Atomic Physics Rates and Collisional Radiative Models for Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas for Ar, Fe, and Ge studied on the Tokamak FTU
P1_065F S. Voskoboinikov Modelling of Improved Core Confinement on FT-2 Tokamak
P1_068F V.A. Yavorskij Stochastic Transport of Fast Ions in Stellarators
P1_070F I.O. Girka Eigen kinetic Alfven waves localized between two Alfven resonances
P1_071F Ya.I. Kolesnichenko Alfvén eigenmode structure in Helias configurations
P1_073F Ya.I. Kolesnichenko Collisionless Loss of Transitioning Energetic Ions in Optimized Stellarators
P1_076F G. Telesca Simulation of the RFX plasmas by the self-consistent code RITM
P1_077F F. Porcelli Sawtooth magnetic reconnection with localised plasma heating
P1_078F L. Garzotti Particle transport analysis of L-mode pellet fuelled plasmas in JET
P1_079F H. Sugimoto Equilibria of Suydam Stable RFP Plasma with High Flow Shear
P1_080F P.B. Snyder Full Spectrum Stability Analysis of the Tokamak Edge Region
P1_081F M. Bouamoud Variational approach to excitation in p+Be3+ collisions at intermediate and high impact velocities
P1_082F H. Jhang Magnetics Control of Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) Plasmas
P1_083F J.Y. Kim Simulation Study of KSTAR Target Operating Modes using ASTRA
P1_084F A.N. Simakov Plasma Equilibrium with Anisotropic Pressure in the Magnetic Field of a Point Dipole and its Stability
P1_087F P.J. Catto Electron Cyclotron Current Drive with a Symmetric Spectrum in a Tokamak
P1_088G A. Kainz ITER-like Fusion Devices Plasma Behavior Simulation: Enhancement utilizing Adaptive Mesh Application
P1_090G D. Tskhakaya Simulation of Particle Acceleration in Front of a Lower-Hybrid Grill
P1_091G M. Shoucri Study of the problem of the formation of a steep plasma gradient in front of a plate at a plasma-wall transition
P1_092G E. Pohn The application of an invariant method for the solution of the Vlasov equation at a plasma edge
P1_093G K.-S. Chung Self-consistent measurement of shear viscosity and flow velocity by using conventional Mach probes in tokamak edge plasmas
P1_094G H.Würz Dust production in ITER-FEAT off normal events and target screening by dust particles
P1_096G A. Runov Study of Heat Conductivity in DED of TEXTOR-94 Using Multiple Coordinate System Approach
P1_098G D. Mossessian H-mode pedestal studies in Alcator C-Mod
P1_099H E.Z. Gusakov Modeling of EB Wave Launch in Spherical Tokamak GLOBUS-M
P1_102H S.x. Liu Ion Heating Effects of LHCD on HT-7 Superconducting Tokamak
P1_103H S. Pécoul ICANT code: a tool to compute the characteristics of ICRH realistic antennae and their near fields
P1_104H T. Seki ICRF Heating Experiment on the Large Helical Device
P1_105H Y. Takeiri High-Density Long-Pulse Discharges Sustained by Neutral Beam Injection in Large Helical Device
P1_106H H. Idei Polarized Radiative Transfer of Electron Cyclotron Wave in LHD
P1_107H T. Ozaki Preliminary Results of the Neutral Particle Measurements in Large Helical Device
P1_108H K.L. Wong Excitation of Internal Kink Instability During Off-Axis Electron Cyclotron Heating in the DIII-D Tokamak
P1_109I A.V. Khudoleev Charge-Exchange Diagnostics of Knock-on Deuterium-Tritium Ion Distribution Function in Fusion Plasma
P1_111I A.D. Gurchenko Correlation Upper Hybrid Resonance Scattering Diagnostics of Small Scale Turbulence in FT-1 Tokamak
P1_112I M.Yu. Kantor A Possibility of Plasma Current Density Measurements Using Suprathermal Electron Bremsstrahlung Emission
P1_113I M.Yu. Kantor Test of a Periodic Multipass-Intracavity Laser System for the Textor Multiposition Thomson Scattering Diagnostics
P1_114I E.Z. Gusakov Two dimensional theory of correlation reflectometry scattering diagnostics
P1_115I V.V. Bulanin Use of reflectometry diagnostics with tilted antenna beam for comparative studies of H-modes in TUMAN-3M tokamak
P1_116I H.P. Callaghan Pressure profile recovery on the W7-AS stellarator with external magnetic information using function parameterization
P1_117I P.J. Mc Carthy Current Profile Identification on ASDEX Upgrade from Motional Stark Effect and the CLISTE Interpretive Equilibrium Code
P1_118I A. Murari First FIR multichord Faraday rotation measurements in RFX
P1_119I J.S. Mao Multipoint Nd Laser Thomson Scattering Diagnostic for HT-7 Superconducting Tokamak
P1_120I S.Y. Zhang Innovative fast-scanning heterodyne receiver for Electron Cyclotron Emission measurements on HT-7 superconducting tokamak
P1_121I M. Sasao Development of Diagnostic Helium Beam for High Energy Particle Measurement in Magnetically Confined Plasma
P1_122I Y. J. Zheng Analysis of Pellet Ablation and Penetration in HL-1M Tokamak
P1_124J G.I. Dimov Simulation of a Supersonic Plasma Jet with Recombination in a Magnetic Nozzle
P1_125J E.P. Kruglyakov Moderate Flux Version of 14 MeV Neutron Source Based on Gas Dynamic Plasma Confinement
P1_126J S. Pekárek Two Hollow Needles-to-Plate Electrical Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure
P1_127J H. Kiyama A Low Energy Ion Beam Plasma Source With Low Electron Temperature
P1_128J A. Serban Time-resolved Electron Beam and X-ray Emission from a Neon Plasma Focus
P1_129J R.S. Rawat Deposition of TiC Thin Films Using Dense Plasma Focus Device

Poster Session 2, Tuesday 13th of June 2000

P2_001A W. Entler 3D Finite Larmor Radius Guiding Center Model of a Plasma Edge
P2_002A M.S. Benilov Improving the Child-Langmuir sheath model
P2_003A C.F. Figarella Feedback control of drift waves turbulence and chaos
P2_008A A.I. Pyatak Fast magnetosonic wave transmission through cyclotron resonance layer under propagation across nonuniform magnetic field
P2_010A S. Klose Ion-Drift-Waves in the PSI-2
P2_012B S.I. Lashkul Transport Barrier Dynamics with Lower Hybrid Heating in the FT-2 Tokamak Experiments
P2_013B N. Sakharov First Plasma Experiments on Spherical Tokamak Globus-M
P2_014B L.A. Esipov Acceleration of electrons during the second fast vortex electric field ramp up in the FT-2 tokamak plasma
P2_015B L.G. Askinazi The H-mode transition mechanism studies using different edge plasma perturbations on the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P2_016B S.V. Lebedev Confinement bifurcation by magnetic compression on TUMAN-3
P2_017B Y. Maejima Single Helicity Steady State of Reversed Field Pinch Plasma
P2_018B Y. Yagi Characteristics of Global Confinement Properties in TPE-RX Reversed Field Pinch
P2_019B H. Koguchi Cause of mode-locking phenomena in TPE-RX
P2_020B K. Yatsu High Density Operation of Potential Confinement in the GAMMA 10 Tandem Mirror
P2_022B C.M. Greenfield Improvement of Core Barriers with ECH and Counter-NBI in DIII-D
P2_023B J.R. Ferron H-Mode Edge-Driven Instabilities as Low-n Kink/Ballooning Modes
P2_024B P. Gohil Studies of H-Mode Plasmas Produced Directly by Pellet Injection in the DIII-D Tokamak
P2_025B J.C. Rost Comparison of Edge Fluctuation Measurements from PCI, BES, Langmuir Probes and Reflectometry on DIII-D
P2_026B M. Murakami The Physics of Confinement Improvement With Impurity Seeding in DIII-D
P2_027B T.L. Rhodes Turbulent Radial Correlation Lengths in the DIII-D Tokamak
P2_028B A.B. Kukushkin Wild Cables In Tokamak Plasmas (Theoretical View)
P2_029B A.B. Kukushkin Wild Cables In Tokamak Plasmas (Experiment)
P2_031B N.A. Kirneva Investigations of plasma behavior in vicinity of q_min=1
P2_036B L.G. Eliseev Behavior of the plasma electric potential during the internal and external transport barriers formation
P2_037B D.A. Kislov Soft Beta Limits in T-10 Tokamak.
P2_038B P.V. Savrukhin Small-scale modes in T-10 tokamak
P2_039B V.V. Alikaev Investigation of the electron internal barrier formation mechanism in T-10 tokamak
P2_040B A.M. Belov Observation of fast penetration of impurities into the plasma core during the disruptions at T-11M tokamak
P2_041B T. Mizuuchi The Initial Experiment in Heliotron J
P2_042B G. Kocsis The effect of pellet size on the pellet cloud distribution and radiation
P2_043B A.H. Kritz Multi-Mode Model Transport Simulations of Internal Transport Barriers in JET and DIII-D
P2_044B W.R. Hess Measurement of Impurity Profile Modifications with a modulated Diagnostic Beam
P2_045B G. Martin Fast electron dynamics in the tore-supra plasma edge
P2_046B G.T. Hoang Test of Electron Heat Diffusivity Against The Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence Model and Investigation of Critical Temperature Gradient on Tore Supra
P2_047B X. Litaudon q-profile evolution and improved core electron confinement in the full current drive operation on Tore Supra
P2_048B X.L. Zou First ECRH Experiments in Tore Supra
P2_049B P. Devynck The Hurst exponent and long-time correlation
P2_050B R. Raman Coaxial Helicity Injection for the generation of non-inductive current in NSTX
P2_051C A.B. Kukushkin Wild Cables In a Z-pinch and Plasma Focus
P2_057E M. S. Janaki Field-Reversed Configuration (FRC) as a Minimum- Dissipative Relaxed State
P2_060E O.K. Cheremnykh Filtration Properties of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere for ULF EM Radiation Penetrating from Lithosphere
P2_062E N.I. Grishanov Dispersion equation of the cyclotron waves in a two-dimensional magnetospheric plasma with anisotropic particle energy
P2_063E G.N. Throumoulopoulos Magnetic Dipole Equilibrium of a Gravitating Plasma with Incompressible Flows
P2_064F G. Kamelander Helium Recycling Studies for Iter Plasmas with Internal Transport Barrier
P2_065F H. Bürbaumer Grid Refinement for the B2 plasma edge simulation code
P2_066F S.V. Kasilov Evaluation of the parallel current density in a stellarator using the integration technique along the magnetic field line
P2_067F V.V. Nemov The plateau regime of neoclassical transport in stellarators
P2_068F V.V. Nemov The 1/$\nu$ transport regime for neoclassically optimized stellarator systems
P2_069F V.Ya. Goloborod'ko Results of 3D Fokker-Planck modelling of alpha particle loss in JET
P2_070F V.A. Yavorskij Analytical Models of Axisymmetric Toroidal Magnetic Fields with Noncircular Flux Surfaces
P2_071F H. Weisen Evidence for the role of magnetic entropy in stationary Ohmic tokamak discharges
P2_072F A. Fukuyama Analysis of Ion Cyclotron Waves and Alfven Eigenmode in a Toroidal Helical Plasma
P2_073F I. Voitsekhovitch Non-inductive tokamak: advanced scenario with radio frequency heating and current drive
P2_074F P. Beyer Evolution of turbulent transport during the formation of internal transport barrier in tokamak
P2_075F R. Tabet contribution to study of the non-Gaussian dynamics of stochastic magnetic field lines in a toroidal geometry %28tokamak%29
P2_076F J.J. Martinell Poloidal Plasma Rotation by the Ponderomotive Force of Intense Electron Cyclotron Waves
P2_077F D.Kh. Morozov Reduced descriptions of light impurities in hydrogen coronal plasmas and their validities
P2_078F G. Veres The Effect of Charge-Exchange on the Total Radiative Power Emitted by Light Impurity Elements in Hot Plasmas
P2_081F T. Hayashi Island Formation and Nonlinear Stability for Helical Plasmas Using the HINT code
P2_082F S.-I. Itoh Statistical Theory of Subcritically-Excited Strong Turbulence in Inhomogeneous Plasmas
P2_084F C.G. Liu Neoclassical poloidal plasma rotation in the presence of RF waves in tokamaks
P2_085F A.S. Ware Cross Phase Evolution in Electrostatic Turbulence
P2_086G M. Rubel Dust Particles: Morphology and Observations in the Plasma
P2_088G S.V. Shatalin Measurements of the FT-2 tokamak edge plasma fluctuations in improved confinement regimes
P2_089G A. Tonegawa Magnetic presheath structure in the sheet plasma with radial electric filed
P2_090G A. Tonegawa Influence of the negative ion on detached plasma in the sheet plasma
P2_092G A.W. Leonard High Density H-Mode Discharges with Gas Fueling and Good Confinement on DIII-D
P2_093G T.N. Carlstrom Edge E_r Structure and the grad B Drift Effect on L-H Transition
P2_094G R.J. Colchin Measurement of Neutral Densities at the Outer Midplane in DIII-D
P2_095G J.A. Boedo Parallel and ExB Flows in Detached Divertor Plasmas in DIII-D
P2_096G H.A. Claassen Calculation of Radial Electric Field and Poloidal Rotation in Tokamak Edge Plasmas under Consideration of Anomalous Transport
P2_097G S.S. Abdullaev Variation of the ergodic and laminar zones of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on TEXTOR-94
P2_098G G. Mank Tritium Deposition at TEXTOR-94
P2_100G T. Morisaki Relationship between Edge Magnetic Field Structure and Density/Temperature Profiles in LHD heliotron
P2_101H V. Basiuk Ripple loss studies during ICRF Heating on Tore Supra
P2_102H F. Imbeaux 1D simulations of current profile control in purely non-inductive discharges for the Tore Supra CIEL project
P2_104H L. Colas Heat Load Patterns on Tore Supra ICRH Antennas
P2_105H F. Nguyen Ergodic Divertor experiments in Tore Supra above the Greenwald density limit with ICRF power at low magnetic field
P2_106H A. Ekedahl First Results of Coupling and Edge Plasma Interaction Experiments with the New Advanced LHCD Launcher in Tore Supra
P2_107H S.S. Pavlov On the problem of the accuracy of Fast Wave absorption estimate at the fundamental ICR harmonic
P2_108H D.W. Swain Results of High-Harmonic Fast Wave Experiments on NSTX
P2_109H A.V. Sushkov Determination of the heat flux structure after switch-off (-on) ECRH in T-10
P2_110I M.E. Manso Routine Density Profiles with High Spatial and Temporal Resolutions from the FM-Broadband Reflectometry System in ASDEX Upgrade
P2_111I M.N.A. Beurskens Edge electron temperature and density measurements for ITER shape studies using the JET edge LIDAR system
P2_112I L.A. Shmaenok Pilot Results on Spectrally Selective Ultra Soft X-Ray Tomography on TEXTOR
P2_113I C. Avram Plasma potential measurements in the egde plasma region of a small tokamak by means of electron emissive probes
P2_117I S. Jachmich Influence of plasma flow on the floating potential and an ensuing novel technique for measuring parallel flows
P2_118I S. Zweben Visible Imaging of Edge Turbulence in NSTX
P2_119I M. Bitter A new Method for Absolute Measurements of the Toroidal Plasma Rotation Velocity a TEXTOR-94
P2_121I J. Baranowski Diagnostics of Pulsed Plasma-Ion Streams Emitted from RPI-type Devices
P2_122J M. Shoucri The application of an Eulerian Vlasov code for the study of kinetic effects in an inductively coupled discharge
P2_123J N.A. Azarenkov Axial Structure of Gas Discharge Sustained by the Quadrupolar Wave in Three Component Magnetized Waveguide Structure
P2_124J V.P. Olefir Influence of Radial Electron Density Profile on the Axial Structure of Gas Discharges Sustained by Potential Surface Waves
P2_126J V. Girka Surface Flute Modes Propagating in Plasma Filled Cylindrical Metal Waveguides with Noncircular Cross-Section

Poster Session 3, Wednesday 14th of June 2000

P3_001A B. Weyssow Chaotic adiabatic dynamics in a 2D electrostatic field
P3_002A I. Kourakis Kinetic theory and diffusion coefficients for plasma in a uniform magnetic field
P3_003A S. Louies Current Drive via Autoresonance and Intermittent Trapping Mechanism - A Numerical Study
P3_004A T. Nagasawa Oscillatory Phenomena in the Space Potential Hole made by the Pinpoint Plasma
P3_005A T. Honzawa Emission of High Frequency Oscillations and its External Control by Low Frequency Fields
P3_006A T. Honzawa Nonlinear behavior ...
P3_007A A.J.C. Beliën Axisymmetric Plasma Equilibria with Flow: A New Solver
P3_008A R.Keppens The evolution of the compressible magnetized wake
P3_009A B.N. Kuvshinov Spherical electron vortices
P3_010A G. Valori Temperature gradients in magnetic reconnection
P3_016B S.Yu.Taskaev Obtaining of Hot Plasma in a Mirror by an Arc Source
P3_017B A.A. Lizunov Study of the MHD-stability of the multicomponent plasma with the finite beta confined in the Gas-Dynamic Trap
P3_018B A.V. Anikeev Study of the distribution of DD reaction intensity in the GDT experiments
P3_019B A.N.Karpushov Integrated Transport Code System for Multicomponent High-Beta Plasmas in the Gas-Dynamic Trap
P3_020B A.V.Anikeev Study of the axial distribution of DD reaction intensity in the GDT experiments
P3_021B A.V. Arzhannikov First experiments with multimirror confinement at the GOL-3-II facility
P3_022B A.V. Arzhannikov Pellet Injection in Beam-Heated Plasma on the GOL-3-II Facility
P3_023B P. Mantica Heat Transport Barriers in RTP: Diffusive or Convective?
P3_024B N.P. Basse Density Fluctuations During Confinement Changes in the Wendelstein 7-AS Stellarator
P3_025B G.M.D. Hogeweij Dependence of Electron Thermal Transport on $\nu_{e}^{\ast}$
P3_027B V.S. Udintsev Large m/n = 2/1 modes observation in TEXTOR-94 plasmas.
P3_028B V.S. Udintsev Non-thermal electrons in TEXTOR-94 tokamak plasmas.
P3_029B H. Urano Density Dependence of Thermal Energy Confinement Properties of ELMy H-mode in JT-60U
P3_030B S. Günter MHD phenomena in advanced scenarios on ASDEX Upgrade
P3_031B P. Barabaschi A Dimensional Extrapolation Technique based on a System Code applied to the ITER H-mode Energy Confinement Database
P3_032B J. P. Meskat Analysis of the Dynamics of Tearing Modes in ASDEX Upgrade
P3_033B R. Dux First Measurements of Impurity Transport in the Edge of H-Mode Plasmas at ASDEX Upgrade
P3_034B J. Stober Type-II ELMs and density peaking during high density H-modes on ASDEX Upgrade
P3_035B H. Meister Effect of the radial electric field on transport at ASDEX Upgrade
P3_036B J. Hobirk First Measurements of the Radial Electric Field with the Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic in ASDEX Upgrade
P3_038B A. Werner Fast Ion Losses in the W7-AS Stellarator
P3_039B A. Kendl Turbulent transport minimization in stellarator optimization
P3_040B H. Wobig Drift waves and test particle transport in a stellarator
P3_041B R. Burhenn On the Dependence of Impurity Transport on Density and Toroidal Magnetic Field in the Stellarator Wendelstein 7-AS
P3_042B G.D. Conway Turbulence suppression and transport barrier formation in JET and ASDEX Upgrade
P3_043B D. Bolshukhin Central transport investigations of medium to high Z impurities in ASDEX Upgrade ITB discharges
P3_044B J. Kisslinger Reduced Aspect Ratio HELIAS Configurations
P3_045B P.T. Lang Operational boundaries of pellet fueled ELMy H-modes in ASDEX Upgrade and JET
P3_046B G.V. Pereverzev Transport Modelling of ASDEX Upgrade Plasmas with Internal Transport Barrier
P3_047B M. Maraschek Scaling of the onset of neoclassical tearing modes in various scenarios in ASDEX Upgrade and ASDEX
P3_048B F. Zácek Radial variations of the floating potential in front of the lower hybrid grill of the CASTOR tokamak
P3_049B J. Stöckel Plasma polarization of the separatrix on the CASTOR tokamak
P3_050B C. Honoré Edge Plasma Turbulence Analysis For High Plasma Density
P3_051B S.P. Hirshman Transport and Stability of Compact Drift Optimized Stellarators
P3_052B S.C. Prager Local Measurements of Nonlinear Phenomena in the MST Reversed Field Pinch: Reconnection, Torques, and Dynamo
P3_053B D. Craig Transport Reduction in the MST Reversed Field Pinch via Plasma Edge Control
P3_054D E. Martines Electrostatic turbulence characterisation in a DC magnetron plasma
P3_058D C. Borcia Physica basis of anomalous transport observed in plasma devices
P3_059D N. Krause Low-Temperature Plasma Turbulence in the Torsatron TJ-K
P3_061D M. Cercek Electrode floating potential in a plasma with additional energetic electrons: theory, simulation and experiment
P3_062F W. Zwingmann Equilibrium Reconstruction of Tokamak Discharges with Anisotropic Pressure
P3_063F G.T.A. Huysmans Modelling of Ion-Diamagnetic Effects on Ideal MHD Modes in Tokamaks
P3_064F F. Albajar Effect of Toroidicity and Temperature Profiles on Synchrotron Losses in a Tokamak Plasma
P3_065F L.-G. Eriksson Monte Carlo Solution of the Orbit Averaged Fokker-Planck Equation Including Ripple Losses
P3_066F V. Fuchs On sustaining low or reversed magnetic shear equlibria with non-inductive current drive on JET
P3_067F V. Bergeaud Interaction of Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies Wave with Energetic Particles
P3_068F C. Bourdelle Stability Analysis of Internal Transport Barrier on Tore Supra
P3_069F R. Coelho Unlocking static coupled magnetic islands in the presence of resistive wall effects and external resonant magnetic fields
P3_070F M.F.F. Nave Effect of mode coupling on the triggering and control of neo-classical tearing modes
P3_071F C. Wahlberg Isothermal internal kink instability in a toroidally rotating tokamak plasma
P3_072F A. Bondeson Active Feedback Stabilization of Nonaxisymmetric Modes in Tokamaks
P3_073F H.E. Sätherblom Effects of Induced Toroidal Plasma Rotation on Plasma Wall Locking in the Reversed Field Pinch
P3_074F H. Persson Kinetic description of a rotating tokamak plasma in a steady state of Turbulent EquiPartition.
P3_075F S.B. Korsholm Reynolds stress and shear flow generation
P3_076F B. van der Holst New Alfven continuum gaps and global waves induced by toroidal flow
P3_077F H.J. de Blank The role of current layers in magnetic field stochastization
P3_078F A.M.R. Schilham Reproducing JET electron ITBs with the RTP q-comb model
P3_079F L. Giannone Modelling of the density limit in W7-AS
P3_080F A. Bergmann Monte Carlo delta-f simulation of wide-orbit neoclassical transport
P3_081F S. Puri Anomalous Particle Convection in Tokamaks
P3_082F G. Tardini Comparison of theory based transport models with ASDEX Upgrade data
P3_083F H.P. Zehrfeld Dissipative Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibria with Compressible Fluid Flow
P3_084F Yu. Igitkhanov The L-H Transition in Low Density Regimes
P3_086F E. Strumberger Damping of double tearing modes by differential plasma rotation
P3_088F J. Fontanet Power balance and transport studies using PRETOR code in TJ-II shots
P3_093G R. Pugno Volume recombination and detachment during H-mode discharges in ASDEX Upgrade and JET
P3_094G D. Hildebrandt Comparison of Erosion and Deposition Behaviour of Tungsten and Carbon in the Boundary Plasma of TEXTOR-94
P3_095G R.Neu Laser Ablation at the Inboard Side of ASDEX Upgrade
P3_096G A. Herrmann Edge behaviour and divertor load in ASDEX Upgrade discharges with H-mode edge and improved core confinement
P3_097G V. Rohde Operation of ASDEX Upgrade with Tungsten Tiles at the Central Column
P3_098G Y. Feng Formulation of a Monte Carlo model for edge plasma transport
P3_099G U. Wenzel Recombining plasmas in the ASDEX Upgrade divertor and the divertor simulator NAGDIS-II
P3_101H K.M. Rantamäki Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Wave Propagation in front of a Lower Hybrid Grill
P3_102H T.M. Abdalla Structure Formation by Strong, Localized Plasma Heating
P3_103H J. Preinhaelter Excitation of Electron Bernstein Waves in MAST
P3_104H R. Panek The Role of Nonlinear Effects in LH Wave - Plasma Interaction
P3_105H S.J. Wukitch Initial Results from an Upgraded ICRF System on Alcator C-Mod
P3_109H X.T. Ding Off-Axis ECRH Experiments on HL-1M Tokamak
P3_111I F. Clairet X mode heterodyne reflectometry on Tore Supra
P3_112I G.Bertschinger Analysis of ArXVII spectra during sawtooth crashes in TEXTOR-94 discharges with a high-resolution x-ray polarimeter
P3_113I A.Kreter Investigation of ion transport in ohmic discharges by charge-exchange recombination spectroscopy with a diagnostic hydrogen beam in TEXTOR-94
P3_114I H. Okada Development of Data Acquisition System for Heliotron J
P3_115I V.V. Pickalov Three-dimensional emission tomography of tokamak plasmas with a single tangentially viewing camera
P3_116I K.J. McCarthy Impurity behaviour studies in the TJ-II Stellarator
P3_117I A. Baciero The search for topological structures in TJ-II radiation profiles using an automated pattern recognition procedure
P3_120I V. Shevchenko ECE measurements via B-X-O mode conversion - a proposal to diagnose the q profile in spherical tokamaks
P3_121I A.G. Meigs Density and temperature measurements in detached recombining JET divertors
P3_122J L. Sansonnens RF plasma deposition uniformity on square-meter substrates
P3_124J A.N. Bandura Structure and tribology characteristics of modified surface layers of steel samples processed by pulsed plasma streams

Poster Session 4, Thursday 15th of June 2000

P4_002A V.S. Burmasov Investigation of Long-Wavelength Ion-Acoustic Waves in Plasma with Strong Langmuir Turbulence
P4_003A K. Wiklund Non-linear wave interaction in a Hamiltonian family of Hasegawa-Mima related equation
P4_004A E. Asp Ship-Wave Eigenmodes of Drift Type in Rotating Tokamak Plasmas
P4_005A I. Sandberg Drift Wave Eigenmodes in Toroidally Rotating Tokamak Plasma
P4_006A C. Agheorghiesei Experimental results and numerical simulation on the ion space charge formation
P4_007A V. Pohoata Anodic double layer oscillations as a source for ion-acoustic waves
P4_008A D. Dorozhkina Ambipolar Effects in ECR Heating of a Plasma Column
P4_013A L.B. Ran Characteristics of Improved Confinement Plasma in HL-1M
P4_014B K.Y.Watanabe Study of Toroidal Currents and MHD Equilibrium in LHD Experiment
P4_015B H.Yamada Characteristics of Pellet Penetration and Related Performance Improvement in LHD
P4_016B K. Yamazaki Dimensionless Transport Analysis on Plasma Radial Profiles in LHD
P4_017B K.Toi MHD Stability of Plasmas with Edge Pressure Pedestal in the Large Helical Device
P4_018B S. Okamura Design of a New Compact Helical System CHS-qa with a Quasi-Axisymmetry
P4_019B T.Shimozuma Performance of Electron Cyclotron Harmonic Heated Plasmas in Large Helical Device
P4_020B Yu.K. Kuznetsov Positive voltage spikes in runaway tokamak discharges
P4_021B S. Woodruff The sustainment of a spheromak by DC helicity injection
P4_022B S. Sinman Experiments on a Spherical Tokamak Employing an Energetic Pulse Forming Line
P4_024B M.S. Janaki Field -Reversed Configuration (FRC) as a Minimum Dissipative Relaxed State
P4_025B T. Bolzonella Behaviour of MHD modes spectrum in the RFX Reversed Field Pinch
P4_026B P. Innocente Magnetic relaxation and discrete dynamo action in RFX
P4_027B R. Lorenzini Particle and energy transport analysis by means of pellet injection in the RFX reversed field pinch
P4_028B L. Tramontin Particle and momentum balance during edge biasing in RFX%0D
P4_029B P. Franz Thermal Characterisation of Self-Organised Helical States in RFX
P4_030B R. Bilato Time Series Statistical Analysis for Electron Temperature Fluctuations Measurements in Plasmas
P4_031B R. Bartiromo Analysis of the high density limits in the RFX high current regimes
P4_032B M. Aizawa Neoclassical Transport in Helical Magnetic Axis System Controlled by Effective Toroidal Curvature
P4_033B Y. Nagamine Bootstrap Current in Low Aspect Ratio Reversed Field Pinch
P4_034B T. Namba Plasma Confinement and Relaxation on ATRAS-RFP Experiment
P4_036B S. Shiraiwa Observation of internal reconnection events on TST-2
P4_037B M. Kobayashi Penetration Process of the Externally Applied Rotating Helical Field into the Tokamak Plasma
P4_038B B. Unterberg Radiative Mantle Experiments in JET Limiter Plasmas and Comparison to the RI-Mode at TEXTOR-94
P4_039B A. Nicolai On the Accessibility of High $\beta$ - States and Long Pulse Durations in Tight Aspect Ratio Plasmas
P4_040B X.Gao Improved confinement mode in the HT-7 superconducting tokamak
P4_041B D. Kalupin Evolution of electron density, temperature and pressure profiles in the RI-mode of TEXTOR-94.
P4_042B T. S. Pedersen Radial and Poloidal Impurity Transport in the H-mode Edge Pedestal of Alcator C-Mod
P4_043B I.H. Hutchinson Tokamak Plasma Rotation without Momentum Input
P4_044B D. Testa Real-Time Measurements of Damping Rates and Instability Limits for MHD Modes on the JET Tokamak
P4_045B D. Gates Initial operation of NSTX with plasma control
P4_046B S.M. Kaye Operational Limits in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P4_047B J. Menard Flux Consumption Optimization and the Achievement of 1MA Discharges on NSTX
P4_048B M.H. Redi Stability and Transport in Compact Quasi-axially Symmetric Stellarators
P4_049B D.M. Meade Physics Basis for the Fusion Ignition Research Experiment (FIRE)
P4_050B E.D. Fredrickson Closed Loop Feedback of MHD Instabilities on DIII-D
P4_051B R.B. White Rotation and Particle Loss in Tore Supra
P4_052B F.G. Meijer Change in rotational velocity shear caused by the effect of ECH on transport barriers
P4_054D Yong-Sup Choi Characterization of a Large Area ICP Using a Long Range Fast Scanning Probe
P4_056D N. Azarenkov Comparative Analysis of a Low Pressure Microwave Gas Discharges Sustained by Cyclotron Surface Waves
P4_057D K.P. Shamrai Bulk, Peripheral and Near Antenna rf Power Absorption in Highly Collisional Helicon Plasma
P4_059D M. Krämer Temporal evolution of an m=+1 helicon discharge
P4_060D M. Krämer Study of the asymmetry of helicon discharges with m=1 and m=2 helical antenna coupling
P4_061D B. Újvári Antiproton cooling and extraction from an electron-antiproton trap
P4_062F D.J. Kelliher Consistency of Current Profile Recovery on JET using TRANSP and EFIT codes
P4_063F T.J.J. Tala ITB Formation in Terms of omega_(ExB) Flow Shear and Magnetic Shear s on JET
P4_064F J.A. Heikkinen Numerical Simulation of Particle Flux in a Poloidally Rotating Tokamak Plasma
P4_065F S. Saarelma The Limits of beta Imposed by MHD Modes near the Plasma Edge in ASDEX Upgrade
P4_066F M. Taguchi Analytic Expression for Neoclassical Transport Coefficients Including Finite Banana-Width Effect near the Magnetic Axis
P4_067F K.G. McClements Alfven eigenmodes in a beam-assisted ohmic START discharge
P4_068F C.G. Gimblett A Rotating Shell and Stabilisation of the Tokamak Resistive Wall Mode
P4_069F K.G. McClements Interpretation of Minority Ion Cyclotron Emission during ICRF Heating in JET
P4_070F P. Helander Suppression of runaway electron avalanches by radial diffusion
P4_072F A. Ödblom Nonlinear MHD Effects in Fishbones
P4_073F R. Storer Three Dimensional Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Stability
P4_074F U. Daybelge Stability of Revisited Neoclassical Rotation in Tokamaks
P4_075F T. Iwasaki Fast Responses of Core Plasma to Dithering ELMs
P4_076F S.Yu. Medvedev Free boundary high-beta equilibria with high bootstrap current fraction in Spherical Tokamaks
P4_077F T.A. Casper Non-Inductive Current Drive Modeling Extending Advanced Takamak Operation to Steady State
P4_078F S.C. Jardin Tokamak Simulation Code Modeling of NSTX
P4_079F N.N. Gorelenkov Effect of Plasma Rotation on Sawtooth Stabilization by Beam Ions
P4_080F L. Chen Zonal Flow Excitation by Drift Waves in Toroidal Plasmas
P4_081F T.S. Hahm Theory, Simulation, and Experimental Studies of Zonal Flows
P4_082F A.Yu. Dnestrovskij Simulation of the Energy and Particle Transport in START and T-10 Tokamaks
P4_084B Ch. Simintzis Analytic Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibria of a Magnetically Confined Plasma with Incompressible Flows
P4_086G M.L. Apicella Effects of wall titanium coating on FTU plasma operations
P4_088G G.F. Counsell Divertor Power Loading Studies in the MAST tokamak
P4_089G A.A. Korotkov Edge Plasma Pressure Profile Evolution in Type I ELM Discharges on JET
P4_090G T.K. Soboleva Electron and Ion Heat Fluxes in the SOL Plasmas
P4_091G L. Vahala Multi-Species Equilibration using Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Simulations
P4_094G K. Shimizu Impurity Behavior in MARFE Plasma
P4_095G T. Hatae Scaling of Edge Pedestal Parameters Using the International Pedestal Database
P4_097G M. Koubiti Modelling of asymmetric D-alpha line shapes for the edge of the Tore-Supra Tokamak operated with the Ergodic Divertor
P4_098G R. Maingi Initial Wall Conditioning and Impurity Control Techniques in NSTX
P4_099H Z.A. Pietrzyk Improved internal confinement by current profile modification in shaped plasmas using ECRH and ECCD in TCV
P4_102H F. Meo ICRF Fast Wave and Mode Conversion Current Drive Scenarios on ASDEX Upgrade
P4_103H W. Ott Plasma Build-Up in W7-AS Stellarator by Neutral Beams Alone
P4_104H N. Rust Confinement of Neutral Beam Injected Fast Ions in W7-AS
P4_105H M. Brambilla Ray tracing of ion Bernstein waves excited by mode conversion in Tokamak plasmas
P4_108I T. Soetens Quantitative Beam Emission Spectroscopy on TEXTOR-94.
P4_109I G. Bonheure First measurements of 14.7 MeV proton fusion products at TEXTOR-94
P4_110I T. Kurki-Suonio Radial Electric field and Neoclassical Effects in FT-2 Tokamak
P4_111I S. Sipilä Toroidal Orbit-Following Simulation of Ion Temperature Measurements from NBI Tail Distribution in ASDEX Upgrade
P4_112I Vl. Weinzettl Space and Time Resolved XUV Spectroscopy of C V and O VII Lines
P4_113I K. Dyabilin Ion Flows Measurement using a Rotating Mach Probe on the Castor Tokamak
P4_114I G. Leclert Two-dimensional fluctuation reflectometry: a comparison of analytical expressions for the Bragg back-scattering by localized perturbations and numerical results from a full-wave code
P4_116I M. Colin Modeling of X-mode reflectometry: effect of density and magnetic fluctuations on the back-scattered wave amplitude
P4_117I F. Volpe Development of an electron Bernstein emission diagnostic for temperature profiles above the ECE cutoff density at Wendelstein 7-AS Stellarator
P4_118I J.P. Knauer A high resolution Thomson scattering system at W7-AS
P4_119I A. Serban Correlation of Neutron Anisotropy with Neutron Yield and Soft X-ray Production from a Plasma Focus
P4_121I D.S. Gray Fast Time-Scale Radiometry of DIII-D Disruptions
P4_124J S.I. Popel Nonlinear Waves in Dusty Plasmas and the Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation
P4_127J J.L. Ferreira Experimental Studies of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Production in A Multi Magnetic Mirror Machine

Post Deadline Papers

D1_001B I. Duran Validity of Self-Organized Criticality model for the CASTOR tokamak edge plasmas
D1_002B F.C. Schüller First results of ECRH on TEXTOR: filaments, barriers, and RI-mode
D1_003C S. Varró Single Particle Analysis of Second and Third Harmonic Generation on Solid Surfaces
D1_004B M. Gryaznevich First results from MAST