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A. Tokamaks
B. Stellarators
C. Alternative Magnetic Confinement
D. Plasma Edge Physics
E. Plasma Heating and Current Drive
F. Diagnostics
G. Basic Collisionless Plasma Physics
H. High Intensity Laser Produced Plasmas and Inertial Confinement
I. Astrophysical and Geophysical Plasmas
J. Low-Temperature Plasmas

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A. Tokamaks

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
OR01R.A.PittsRecent Results from the TCV Tokamak512k
OR02J.LiExperimental progress on HT-7 superconducting tokamak in 1998238k
OR03H.R.KoslowskiMHD phenomena at the beta-limit in discharges with improved confinement by edge radiation cooling on TEXTOR-94636k
OR04A.E.HubbardPedestals and confinement in Alcator C-Mod H-modes66k
OR07P.HelanderNonlinear neoclassical transport in a toroidal plasma with large gradients118k
OR17P.ManticaCold Pulse Experiments in RTP Ohmic and Electron Cyclotron Heated Plasmas322k
OR18C.D.ChallisConditions for Internal Transport Barrier Formation in JET557k
OR19F.PorcelliFilaments and Transport Barriers106k
OR20K.A.RazumovaPeculliarity of Plasma Behavior in the vicinity of Rational q min Values276k
OR23T.C.HenderVariation of MHD stability in JET optimised shear discharges450k
OR25G.SaibeneComparison of core and edge characteristics of NB and ICRH ELMy H-modes in JET652k
OR26O.TudiscoElectron cyclotron heating experiments during the current ramp-up in FTU57k
OR27G.T.HuangReversed magnetic shear operation with ICRF minority heating on Tore Supra67k
OR28H.W.MüllerHigh-beta Plasmoid Drift during Pellet Injection into Tokamaks208k
P1.001J.HugillDynamics of transport barriers in toroidal confinement systems55k
P1.002R.AkersModelling of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmodes and Fishbones in the START Spherical Tokamak218k
P1.003R.J.ButteryOnset and control of neo-classical tearing modes on JET215k
P1.004A.CaloutsisSimulation of a mixed plasma-conductor instability and tokamak halo current asymmetry155k
P1.005P.J.KnightHigh performance tokamaks148k
P1.006C.G.GimblettImplications of torque balance for the non-linear resistive wall mode129k
P1.007F.AnderssonDynamics of runaway electrons in tokamak disruptions135k
P1.008S.MedvedevHigh-beta second stability in the spherical tokamak309k
P1.009A.ThyagarajaGlobal, two-fluid, electromagnetic, nonlinear simulations of tokamak turbulence and transport scaling laws428k
P1.010M.ValovicEnergy confinement of ELMy H-mode plasmas on COMPASS-D tokamak with ECR heating122k
P1.011C.D.WarrickThe confinement and stability of quasi-stationary high beta plasmas on COMPASS-D104k
P1.012P.LeahyThe role of plasma rotation in error field scalings536k
P1.013A.TaroniIntegrated core-edge modelling of energy confinement degradation and particle content saturation in JET ELMy H-modes87k
P1.014R.D.GillDirect observations of runaways following disruptions in JET66k
P1.015Yu.F.BaranovTransport properties of optimised shear discharges with ELMy H-mode in JET132k
P1.016B.AlperSpontaneous appearance of q=2 Snakes in JET Optimised Shear Discharges119k
P1.017G.D.ConwayRole of electrostatic & magnetic turbulence in ITB formation in JET356k
P1.018V.V.ParailRole of toroidal plasma rotation in the dynamics of the internal transport barrier109k
P1.019F.X.SöldnerOptimised shear scenario development on JET towards steady-state257k
P1.020P.SmeuldersCharacteristics of a new Class of Transport related MHD Modes in JET H-mode Plasmas474k
P1.021L.D.HortonDependence of the H-mode Threshold on the JET Divertor Geometry160k
P1.022R.SartoriConfinement Loss in JET ELMy H-modes338k
P1.023C.F.MaggiEffect of D2 Fuelling Location in JET MkII Gas Box Divertor Discharges112k
P1.024D.StorkHelium transport and pumping measurements in reactor-relevant plasma configurations in JET498k
P1.025J.P.ChristiansenThe plasma profile response to variations of the heating profile93k
P1.027A.C.C.SipsOptimised Shear Discharges in the Gasbox Divertor in JET198k
P1.028K.-D.ZastrowArgon in JET optimised shear plasmas86k
P1.029D.BorbaThe influence of ICRH-driven energetic ions on the stability of optimised shear discharges in JET400k
P1.030I.CookDirect cost of electricity from fusion power plants44k
P1.032N.J.ConwayH-mode and confinement studies in the START spherical tokamak115k
P1.035M.F.F.NaveMHD stability of JET hot-ion H-mode plasmas with edge radiation control802k
P1.038L.C.IngessonRadiation distribution and neutral-particle loss during detachment in JET156k
P1.044P.NielsenThomson Scattering in the JET Edge Plasma104k
P1.045W.HortonTransport Barriers in Optimized Shear Toroidal Confinement289k
P1.046R.L.BoivinStudy of the effects of neutrals in Alcator C-Mod plasmas22k
P1.047J.A.SnipesFast Particle Driven Modes in Alcator C-Mod400k
P1.048L.R.BaylorA Comparison of Fueling with Deuterium Pellet Injection from Different Locations on the DIII-D Tokamak475k
P1.049B.CoppiPhysics of Self-sustained Fusion Burning Plasmas and Relevant Experiments53k
P1.050A.FasoliExperiments on wave-particle interaction in the Alfvén Eigenmode frequency range at JET109k
P1.059S.EquiliorOn runaway transport under magnetic turbulence in tokamaks68k
P1.075K.ShinoharaCorrelation measurement during ITB degradation phase by using core correlation reflectometer in JT-60U reversed shear plasma51k
P1.076H.TamaiBehaviour of divertor neutral pressure during the divertor detachment in the pumped W-shaped divertor of JT-60U243k
P1.077K.ItamiRadiative boundary plasmas with good core plasma confinement in JT-60U with W-shaped divertor77k
P1.079Y.Nakamurabeta_p-Collapse-Induced VDE and its Underlying Mechanism in the TCV Tokamak212k
P1.080K.HamamatsuMonte Carlo Simulation of Particle and Heat Transport in Internal Transport Barrier167k
P1.081R.YoshinoPrediction of the Major Disruption in JT-60U Reversed Shear Plasmas75k
P1.082Y.NarushimaHighly Elongated Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak Produced by Negative-Biased Theta-Pinch112k
P1.083T.TudaVelocity Shear Stabilization of Double Tearing Mode421k
P1.084M.KobayashiExperimental Investigation on Penetration of Rotating Magnetic Perturbations into the Tokamak Plasma66k
P1.085S.ShiraiwaConstruction, operational scenarios, and research plan of TST-288k
P1.104J.S.MaoSuppression of Tearing Modes by Modulated Toroidal Current in the HT-7 Superconducting Tokamak220k
P1.105L.B.RanSawtooth-free plasmas in HL-1M202k
P1.106Z.G.XiaoExperimental Results of Pellet Fueling in HL-1M194k
P1.107Q.GaoMHD Stability Analysis of Reversed Magnetic Shear Discharges in the HL-2A Tokamak188k
P1.121E.AspPropagating Ships Waves in a Rotating Tokamak Plasma64k
P1.122C.WahlbergStabilization of the internal kink mode in a tokamak by toroidal plasma rotation27k
P1.123I.SandbergOutgoing and Global Drift Waves in Rotating Toroidal Plasma Configuration71k
P1.125M.TardocchiNeutron spectrometry study of RF heated DT plasmas43k
P2.001C.LiuPlasma poloidal rotation generated by RF cyclotron heating in tokamaks188k
P2.002I.M.PankratovSecondary generation of runaway electrons and its detection in tokamaks135k
P2.003R.JaspersImpurity concentrations in the RI-mode in TEXTOR-94102k
P2.004A.M.MessiaenRI-Mode confinement and performances on TEXTOR-94 under siliconized wall conditions347k
P2.005H.L.M.WiddershovenThe Influence of Angular Momentum on Energy Confinement on the TEXTOR-94 Tokamak89k
P2.006R.F.G.MeulenbroeksParameter study of off-axis sawtooth-like instabilities in RTP471k
P2.007E.MinManipulating transport barriers in RTP300k
P2.008F.A.KarelseDensity Profile Changes Induced by on- and 0ff-axis Electron Cyclotron Heating362k
P2.009F.SalzedasStabilization, with ECRH, of an m/n = 2/1 tearing mode preceding a radiative density limit disruption86k
P2.010E.R.ArendsSmall scale structures in the RTP Te profiles286k
P2.011F.MeijerThe effect of off-axis pellet injection on plasma rotation111k
P2.012J.de KloeInvestigating particle transport during pellet injection in RTP.353k
P2.013O.AgulloLarge eddy simulation for magnetohydrodynamics55k
P2.014J.WeinheimerEvidence for charge exchange of He-like argon with neutral hydrogen on TEXTOR-9498k
P2.015P.LakoThe long term potential of fusion power in Western Europe185k
P2.016G.MankApplication of a radio frequency helium filter in TEXTOR-941027k
P2.017W.BielInvestigation of Argon Impurity Transport at TEXTOR-94313k
P2.018G.BertschingerBehaviour of Ar XVII spectra in sawtoothing dischargesat TEXTOR-9474k
P2.019J.RappScaling of density limits with respect to global and edge parameters in TEXTOR-94149k
P2.061V.DrevalMicrowave Reflectometric Studies on TEXTOR-9492k
P2.062V.A.ShuryginTime and Space Evolution of Impurity Charge-State Distributions in Tokamak Plasmas165k
P2.063Yu.V.GottAnalytical Solution of Problem of Charge Particle Drift Trajectories in Tokamaks valid for all Plasma Column121k
P2.064A.M.StefanovskijModeling of RA Generation in JET Disruption137k
P2.065Yu.N.DnestrovskijSimulation of RI-mode in TEXTOR by the Canonical Profiles Transport Model (CPTM)319k
P2.067A.A.SubbotinDetailed interpretation of the Mirnov coils data in non-circular low aspect ratio tokamaks91k
P2.068D.A.ShelukhinThe degradation of impurity confinement during ECRH and radial correlation measurements of small-scale density fluctuations in T-10.109k
P2.069A.V.MelnikovThe Measurements of the Plasma Electric Potential Profile by Heavy Ion Beam Probe on T-10 Tokamak260k
P2.072A.G.AlekseyevStudies of Fast Penetration of Impurities into the Core Plasma During the Disruption at T-11M156k
P2.073N.ArkhipovTurbulent diffusion of divertor vapor-cloud across inclined magnetic field during a tokamak disruption648k
P2.095Zh.N.AndrushchenkoOn the Steady State Distribution of Charged Fusion Products60k
P3.001I.VoitsekhovitchModelling of shear effects on thermal and particle transport in advanced tokamak scenarios70k
P3.002C.FenziCharacterization of the up-down asymmetry of density fluctuations induced by a lower modular limiter in Tore Supra154k
P3.003X.LitaudonImproved core electron confinement on JET87k
P3.004G.MartinHalo Currents in a Circular Tokamak : Measurements on Tore-Supra111k
P3.005R.ReichlePower balance for impurity seeded ergodic divertor discharges in Tore Supra1163k
P3.006P.HennequinAnalysis of density fluctuation frequency spectra in Tore Supra as a tool studying plasma motion and transport properties182k
P3.030R.BehnEvolution of Te and ne profiles during ECH and ECCD in TCV72k
P3.031I.FurnoX-Ray Tomography of Sawtooth Activity During Intense Electron Cyclotron Heating Experiments on TCV1041k
P3.032J.B.ListerStability margins of elongated plasmas in TCV and implications for ITER412k
P3.033Y.R.MartinL-mode to H-mode Transitions with ECH in TCV Plasmas - First Results303k
P3.034A.ManiniExperimental Determination of the ECH Power Deposition Profile in TCV261k
P3.035R.A.PittsDivertor Detachment in TCV Ohmic Plasmas280k
P3.036A.PochelonEnergy Confinement in Shaped TCV Plasmas with Electron Cyclotron Heating96k
P3.042P.ManticaModulated Electron Cyclotron Heating Experiments in Off-axis Heated RTP Plasmas236k
P3.043E.LazzaroTearing modes and electron temperature/pressure profile during strong electron heating with ECRH on FTU tokamak162k
P3.044D.PacellaImpurity transport studies of intrinsic Mo and injected Ge in high temperature ECRH heated plasmas in the FTU tokamak85k
P3.045G.CenacchiMain Issues on the approach to ignition in deuterium-tritium plasmas77k
P3.046F.OrsittoThermal electron transport in LHCD plasma regimes with low and reversed magnetic shear in FTU40k
P3.065E.J.DoyleInternal Transport Barriers and Turbulence Behavior in NCS Discharges on DIII-D69k
P3.066M.E.FenstermacherEvolution of 2D Visible and VUV Divertor Emission Profiles During DIII-D H-Mode Detachment Transitions142k
P3.067J.R.FerronCharacterization and Modification of Edge-Driven Instabilities in the DIII-D Tokamak551k
P3.068J.E.KinseyDynamic Modeling of Multi-Channel Transport Bifurcations Using Ion Temperature Gradient Based Models for Tokamak Plasmas369k
P3.069R.L.La HayeMulti-Device Scaling of Neoclassical Tearing Mode Onset With Beta399k
P3.070M.MurakamiAdvanced Tokamak Scenario Modeling with Off-Axis ECH in DIII-D264k
P3.071P.B.ParksRadial Displacement of Pellet Ablation Material in Tokamaks Due to the Grad-B Effect35k
P3.072C.L.RettigDynamics of Core Fluctuations and Poloidal Rotation During Formation of Core Transport Barriers308k
P3.073D.P.SchisselEnhanced Computational Infrastructure for Data Analysis at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility45k
P3.074M.R.WadeDemonstration of the ITER Power Exhaust Solution Using the Puff and Pump Technique in DIII-D98k
P3.075R.E.WaltzProgress on a Full Radius Electromagnetic Gyrokinetic Code42k
P3.084R.CoelhoMirnov signal reconstruction from numerical simulations of toroidally coupled tearing modes94k
P3.085S.V.AnnibaldiModelling different regimes of particle transport in strong electrostatic turbulence317k
P3.086J.E.VitelaStabilization of a Fusion Reactor Burn Conditions with Radial Basis Neural Networks171k
P3.089I.C.NascimentoAnomalous and Neoclassical Transport Suppression in TCABR Tokamak by Alfvén Waves938k
P3.094W.WangCollisional Transports in a Plasma with Steep Gradients176k
P4.001H.ZohmStabilisation of Neoclassical Tearing Modes by ECRH in ASDEX Upgrade479k
P4.002J.P.MeskatAnalysis of the Structure of Tearing Modes in ASDEX Upgrade226k
P4.004A.GudeComparison of fishbones and fishbone-like frequency jumps of the neoclassical tearing mode at ASDEX Upgrade572k
P4.005J.C.FuchsVariation of radiation profiles with plasma parameters in ASDEX Upgrade241k
P4.006P.T.LangAccessibility of high density H-mode operation by HFS pellet refueling327k
P4.007M.MaraschekNeoclassical tearing modes in advanced scenarios in ASDEX Upgrade476k
P4.008V.MertensScalings of Density Characteristics near the Greenwald Limit in ASDEX Upgrade H-mode discharges128k
P4.009J.StoberDependence of Confinement and Transport on Triangularity in ASDEX Upgrade204k
P4.010W.SuttropEffect of Triangularity Variation on Edge Operational Boundaries in ASDEX Upgrade182k
P4.011R.DuxZ-Dependence of Central Particle Transport in ASDEX Upgrade H-Mode Discharges271k
P4.012R.NeuCold Pulses and Heat Pulses at ASDEX Upgrade342k
P4.014F.Jenko(3+2)D Vlasov simulation of electron drift turbulence131k
P4.015H.P.ZehrfeldResistive Equilibrium States of Axisymmetric Plasmas with Compressible Fluid Flow213k
P4.016S.EgorovA new pellet injection system for softening of disruption loads in ASDEX Upgrade85k
P4.017G.PereverzevSimulation of ASDEX Upgrade plasmas with internal transport barrier177k
P4.018R.RyterTransport Studies with ECRH Power Modulation in ASDEX Upgrade198k
P4.019A.StäblerInfluence of Beam Heating Deposition Profiles on the Transport of ASDEX Upgrade Plasmas122k
P4.020H.MatsumotoPlasma Operation of RTO/RC ITER101k
P4.021G.JaneschitzDependence of Energy Confinement on the H-mode Pedestal Temperature48k
P4.022M.SuguharaStudies on the Scaling of H-mode Pedestal width in the ITER Multi-machine Pedestal Database85k
P4.023H.CabalEnvironmental externalities of a future fusion plant35k
P4.058J.StöckelStructure of edge turbulence at plasma polarization on the CASTOR tokamak388k
P4.063G.KamelanderEffect of Helium Ash on the Advanced ITER-Scenarios64k
P4.064V.A.YavorskijInfluence of Flux Surface Noncircularity on the Alpha Paricle Confinement in JET107k
P4.065V.Ya.Goloborod'koModelling of Radial Distribution of Alpha Loss in TFTR 303k
P4.070P.SaarelmaPeeling mode stability studies of ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade138k
P4.075J.ManickamThe influence of the separatrix on external modes.192k
P4.076M.OkabayashiThe Resistive Wall Mode Feedback Stabilization Experiment on DIII-D68k
P4.077R.V.BudnyLocal Transport in JET ELMy H-mode discharges with H, D, DT, and T isotopes767k
P4.078M.A.BeerTurbulence Suppression by ExB Shear in JET Optimized Shear Pulses85k
P4.079E.FredricksonComparison of Sawtooth Phenomenology on TFTR and DIII-D158k
P4.080D.R.MikkelsenTests of Tokamak Transport Models43k
P4.082M.S.ChanceThe Mercier Criterion in Reversed Shear Plasmas178k
P4.083P.B.SnyderSimulations of Electromagnetic Turbulence and Transport in Tokamak Plasmas206k
P4.084M.BitterSpatially resolved spectra of ArXVI amd ArXVII from a new type of imaging x-ray crystal spectrometer at TEXTOR-9459k
P4.094S.I.LashkulMechanism of the Transport Barriers Formation at Lower Hybrid Heating in the FT-2 Tokamak Experiments117k
P4.095V.P.BudaevRadial electric field dynamic in the edge during ergodic magnetic limiter setting up in tokamak TF-297k
P4.096A.B.KukushkinAn Extension of Relaxed State Principle to Tokamak Plasmas with ITBs195k
P4.097V.N.BudnikovBehavior of accelerated electrons during and after the fast vortex electric field ramp up in the FT-2 tokamak plasma128k
P4.098D.P.KostomarovAccess to Optimised Shear Equilibria in Spherical Tokamaks218k
P4.099V.RozhanskyModeling of Self-Consistent Electric Fields in the Tokamak Edge Plasma with the B2.5 Code96k
P4.100S.V.LebedevElectron heat balance in ohmic H-mode with Internal Transport Barrier in TUMAN-3M233k
P4.101M.V.AndrejkoEdge transport barrier evolution in current ramp down experiment in ohmic H-mode on TUMAN-3M tokamak182k
P4.102V.Yu.SergeevSimulations of Transient Plasma Transport after Injection of Impurity Pellets into T-10 Plasmas231k
P4.103B.V.KuteevRunaway Effects in High Density Tokamak Discharges239k
P5.001E.R.SolanoStructural Stability of Tokamak Equations: Confinement Transitions31k
P5.002F.LeutererSimultaneous Attainment of High Electron and Ion Temperatures in ITB-Discharges on ASDEX Upgrade846k

B. Stellarators

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
OR05J.F.LyonPhysics Optimization of a Quasi-Omnigeneous Stellarator642k
OR06M.IsobeCharacteristics of co and counter-going beam ion loss from CHS plasmas251k
P1.060J.FontanetAdaptation of the PRETOR Code to Stellarator Simulations. Application to Shots of the Flexible Heliac TJ-II40k
P1.061V.TribaldosMonte Carlo Computations of Neoclassical Transport in TJ-II Stellarator206k
P1.062L.Rodriguez-RodrigoGeneration of fast electrons in TJ-II148k
P1.063B.ZurroFirst Poloidal Rotation Measurements in the TJ-II Flexible Heliac109k
P1.064D.TafallaSimulation of perturbative experiments in TJ-IU Torsatron100k
P1.065F.CastejonTransport analysis of first TJ-II plasmas.115k
P1.066F.L.TabaresPlasma Edge Studies and Particle Control in the TJ-II Stellarator73k
P1.086S.MorimotoStudies of Electron Confinement in Heliotron DR using a New Stellarator Diode Method304k
P1.087M.AizawaNeoclassical Transport in Helical Magnetic Axis System in the Low-collisionality (1/v) Regime225k
P3.038G.JostFirst Global Linear Gyrokinetic Simulations in 3D Magnetic Configurations282k
P3.095K.ItohTheory of Internal Transport Barrier of Helical Systems75k
P3.096T.MutohFirst ICRF Heating Experiment in the Large Helical Device89k
P3.098M.TakechiCore Localized Toroidal Alfven Eligenmodes Destabilized by Energetic Ions in the CHS Heliotron/Torsatron73k
P3.099S.MoritaImpurities and Screening Effect in Hydrogen and Helium Discharges of Large Helical Device130k
P3.100Y.ShiraiAblation and Acceleration of Impurity Pellets Interacted with Fast Ions of NBI in CHS Heliotron/Torsatron897k
P3.101K.TanakaTemporal Evolutions of Electron Density Profiles and its Transport Aspects on LHD294k
P3.103H.YamadaStudy on Energy Confinement Time and Heat Transport in Initial NBI Heated Plasmas on LHD156k
P3.104B.J.PetersonBolometric Measurements of Radiated Power Profiles from Initial NBI Heated Plasmas in the Large Helical Device1061k
P3.105S.InagakiTime Evolution of Temperature Profiles measured by ECE on LHD1201k
P3.106S.MasuzakiInitial Experimental Study of Divertor Plasma Properties in the Large Helical Device264k
P3.107K.YamazakiTheoretical Transport Code Development and Its Application to Large Helical Device Experiment336k
P3.108N.NakajimaPressure-driven modes in an L=2/M=10 heliotron/torsatron system150k
P3.109T.MinamiSpatial Electron Temperature Profile of ECH Plasma with Internal Transport Barrier on CHS58k
P4.024I.N.SidorenkoSuperbanana Orbits in Helias Reactor Caused by the Electromagnetic Perturbations405k
P4.025M.AntonToroidal current densities viewed by Magnetic Diagnostics at W7-AS176k
P4.026Y.FengTransport characteristics realted to the island divertor geometry of W7-AS272k
P4.027Ch.FuchsECRH Absorption and Shafranov Shift in the "Electron Root" Feature at the W7-AS Stellarator207k
P4.028P.GrigullH-mode Phenomenology in W7-AS configurations bounded by Magnetic Islands446k
P4.029L.LedlCarbon Pellet Injection Experiments at the Stellarator W7-AS219k
P4.030A.UshakovSimulation of carbon pellet injection and impurity cloud expansion scenarios in stellarator W7-AS by means of a quasi-three-dimensional pellet code295k
P4.031E.StrumbergerEquilibrium and Stability Properties of a Helias Reactor569k
P4.032C.WendlandCurrent Balance Analysis at the W7-AS Stellarator158k
P4.033S.ZoletnikRelationship between Confinement and Core Plasma Fluctations in the W7-AS Stellarator176k
P4.066V.V.NemovCalculation of asymmetric neoclassical transport coefficients by integration along the magnetic field line101k
P4.068S.V.KasilovKinetic Modeling of Stellarators Using the Stochastic Mapping Technique196k
P4.071J.P.T.KoponenEvidence for Convective Inward Particle Transport in W7-AS173k
P4.085M.H.RediVertical and Kink Mode Stability Calculations for Current Carrying Quasiaxial Stellarators111k
P4.104I.O.GirkaInfluence of Helical Magnetic Field Inhomogeneity on the Properties of Alfven and Fast Magnetosonic Waves204k
P4.105A.A.SubbotinAnalytical and Computational Investigations of Improved-Confinement Stellarator173k

C. Alternative Magnetic Confinement

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
OR09D.J.Den HartogMeasurement of Core Velocity Fluctuations and Dynamo Activity in the MST Reversed-Field Pinch233k
OR15E.MartinesEdge biasing experiments in RFX137k
OR24P.J.CattoA Magnetic Dipole Equilibrium Solution at Finite Pressure23k
P1.031T.C.HenderThe physics of spherical tokamak power plant designs227k
P1.033M.G.HainesWire array Z-pinch experiments on the MAGPIE generator, simulations and theory174k
P1.051J.S.SarffProgress in Improved Confinement and Beta in the MST Reversed Field Pinch with Current Profile Control188k
P1.088H.KoguchiExistence and Parameter Dependence of the Locked Mode in TPE-RX92k
P1.089Y.MaejimaLoop Voltages of Reversed Field Pinch Plasma with Resistive Shell137k
P1.090K.YatsuImprovement and Longer Operation of Potential Confinement in the GAMMA 10 Tandem Mirror56k
P1.091A.MohriExperiments on Nonneutral Plasma Confinement in a Field Composed of a Magnetic Quadrupole and an Electric Octapole69k
P1.092N.MizunoPlasma Conditions of Mirror Based Volumetric Neutron Source (FEF-II)139k
P1.093M.NagataStudies of Magnetic Reconnection, Helicity Injection, and Current Profile Control in the HIST Spherical Tours Experiment5179k
P1.111S.SinmanA Paramagnetic Spherical Tokamak with Plasma Centerpost492k
P1.126J.ScheffelRFP Confinement - Scalings from Numerical Simulations144k
P1.127E.TennforsToroidal Alfvén Eigenmodes in the Extrap T2 Reversed-Field Pinch331k
P1.129L.JakubowskiRecent Observation of X-Rays and E-Beams in Plasma-Focus Discharges53k
P3.007S.CappelloSingle and multiple helicity states in the Reversed Field Pinch131k
P3.047A.MurariTomographic imaging of RFX plasmas in various confinement regimes134k
P3.048T.BolzonellaStudy of the magnetic fluctuations scaling in the RFX Reversed Field Pinch150k
P3.049S.MartiniOscillating Poloidal Current Drive Experiments in RFX162k
P3.050F.M.PoliScaling of pellet ablation and trajectory deflection in RFX49k
P3.051S.CappelloPhase locking analysis in 3D MHD simulations240k
P3.052S.CappelloStationary Quasi Single Helicity States in RFX371k
P3.053R.PasqualottoEnergy Transport in RFP enhanced confinement regimes191k
P3.054A.CantonEgde Electron Temperature and Density Measurements in RFX by a Thermal Helium Beam138k
P3.055E.MartinesFokker-Planck studies of the superthermal electron population in the edge of reversed field pinch plasmas66k
P3.056L.CarraroThe Role of the First Wall in the density Behaviour in RFX63k
P3.057T.BolzonellaNeon Iinjection Eeperiment in the Reversev Field Pinch RFX112k
P3.058F.AlladioThe PROTO-PINCH experiment353k
P3.110T.HayashiComputer Simulation of Internal Reconnection Event in Spherical Tokamak332k
P4.034A.V.AnikeevNumerical Studies of Neutron Distributions in GDT Experiments88k
P4.086S.M.KayeInitial Results from the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)519k
P4.087J.R.WilsonHigh Harmonic Fast Wave Heating and Current Drive on NSTX - System and Experimental Pla15k
P4.088J.E.MenardIdeal MHD Stability Characteristics of Advanced Operating Regimes in Spherical Torus Plasmas and the Role of High Harmonic Fast Waves39k
P4.089F.PoalettiImpact of Profile Variation on the Equilibrium and Stability of NSTX1114k
P4.090D.S.DarrowNeutral Beam Ion Loss Modelling for NSTX16k
P4.091N.N.GorelenkovFast particle excitation of TAEs in NSTX270k
P4.106P.A.BragryanskyCold-Gas Fueling Experiments in the Gas-Dynamic Trap 140k
P4.107A.V.AnikeevStudy of hot-ion plasma confinement in the gas-dynamic trap312k
P4.109Yu.N.DnestrovskijThe Role of Convective Heat Losses in the START Ohmic Plasma Confinement263k

D. Plasma Edge Physics

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
OR13B.Ph.van MilligenLong-Range Correlation Analysis of Plasma Turbulence88k
OR14J.P.CoadEvidence for impurity drift in the scrape-off layer of JET84k
OR16J.BleuelThe Contribution of Edge Fluctuations to Anomalous Transport in W7-AS146k
P1.034G.P.MaddisonNeutral-particle losses in the edge of spherical tokamaks329k
P1.036O.PogutseA possible physical explanation for type III ELMs in tokamaks79k
P1.037H.Y.GuoInfluence of divertor geometry on neutral compression, impurity enrichment and particle exhaust86k
P1.039J.LingertatCharacterisation of ELM triggered edge pressure cycles in JET191k
P1.040S.K.ErentsPlasma flow in the JET scrape-off layer86k
P1.041P.C.GeorgiouMARFE and helical radiation-cooling instabilities in tokamaks110k
P1.052M.ShoucriCharge separation at a plasma edge in the presence of impurity ions98k
P1.053D.A.D'IppolitoEffect of Edge Convection on the H-Mode25k
P1.054C.S.PitcherDivertor Bypass Experiments on Alcator C-Mod124k
P1.055J.L.TerryT_e Measurements in the Cold Regions of Alcator C-Mod Divertor Plasmas205k
P1.056R.MaingiModeling of 2-D Neutral Density Measurements in DIII-D40k
P1.067I.Garcia-CortésCharacterization of turbulence in the JET limiter plasma boundary159k
P1.068M.A.PedrosaMagnetic Configuration Effects in the Plasma Edge of TJ-II39k
P1.094S.SuzukiMonte Carlo simulation of helium atoms and ions in JT-60UW-shaped divertor89k
P1.095M.YagiNumerical Study of Chaos Based on a Shell Model859k
P1.096D.NishijimaIon Temperature Measurement and Energy Balance in Detached Plasmas in the Divertor Simulator, NAGDIS-II53k
P1.115D.TskhakayaEffects of fast electrons on the potential of a divertor plate954k
P1.117V.NaulinTransport barriers in a model for turbulent equipartition191k
P1.118S.B.KorsholmDensity and Temperature Gradient Driven Drift Waves185k
P1.119P.K.MichelsenThree Dimensional Studies of a Modified Hasegawa-Wakatani Model219k
P2.021A.NicolaiComputation of Parallel Flow an Concomitant Electric Field in the Collision Dominated Edge of Tokamak Plasmas1257k
P2.022K.H.FinkenPower deposition pattern on plasma facing surfaces in TEXTOR-94143k
P2.023S.S.AbdullaevStructure of Ergodic Zone in the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor of the TEXTOR-94755k
P2.026A.HuberComparison of impurity production and recycling on carbon and tungsten limiters in TEXTOR-94285k
P2.027A.RunovNumerical Study of Heat Transfer in Partially Destroyed Magnetic Configurations409k
P2.028H.van GoubergenTheoretical and experimental study of toroidal and poloidal flows in the edge plasma of TEXTOR-94 polarisation discharges56k
P2.029D.ReiserNumerical Modelling and Comparison with Experiments on MARFEs in TEXTOR-94585k
P2.030A.KirschnerModelling of the Chemical Erosion of a Carbon Limiter in the Scrape-Off-Layer of TEXTOR-9463k
P2.031P.WienholdInvestigation of local transport and deposition efficiency of reactive gases puffed into the scrape-off layer of TEXTOR198k
P2.032J.IhdeInvestigation of microwave sustained magnetized plasmas for wall conditioning of toroidal fusion devices418k
P2.033V.PhilippsOperation of Textor-94 with siliconized walls328k
P2.034M.LehnenInfluence of Drifts on Plasma Parameters in the Boundary Layer of TEXTOR-94565k
P2.035B.UnterbergParticle fuelling and recycling in discharges with radiation cooling and improved confinement in TEXTOR-94478k
P2.037G.SergienkoInvestigations of Stationary MARFEs in TEXTOR-94163k
P2.075V.RozhanskyPlasma Depletion and Electron Current Saturation for Positevely Biased Flush-Mounted Probe in Magnetic Field 208k
P2.076V.LazarevCompatibility of the Lithium Capillary Limiter with Plasma in T-11M519k
P2.077S.ZoletnikStatistical Analysis of Fluctuation Events in the SOL and the Edge Regions of the W7-AS Stellarator308k
P3.008A.AzéroualParticle collection by Ergodic Divertor of Tore Supra: high recyling and partially detached plasmas135k
P3.009M.BecouletElectron Heat Transport in Stochastic Magnetic Layers76k
P3.010P.DevynckDynamical study of the radial structure of the fluctuations measured by a reciprocating probe in Tore Supra170k
P3.011R.GiannellaStudy and Simulation of Carbon Impurity Dynamics near the Ergodic Divertor in TORE SUPRA382k
P3.012R.MitteauInvestigation of Power Deposition on Large Surfaces,Experiments and Simulations of the Tore Supra Inner First Wall350k
P3.013M.KoubitiLine Shape Modelling for Tokamak Plasma Edge Conditions87k
P3.063J.A.BoedoDivertor ExB Plasma Convection in DIII-D237k
P3.076T.W.PetrieA Comparison of Plasma Performance Between Single-Null and Double-Null Configurations During ELMing H-Mode252k
P3.077N.S.WolfUEDGE Modeling of the Effect of Divertor Modifications on Divertor Performance56k
P3.083P.LalousisE X B Type drifts in vapour layers evolving over vaporizing surfaces subjected to hot plasmas145k
P3.087D.Kh.MorozovImpact of E x B Drifts on Impurity Distribution in SOL of a Tokamak151k
P3.088T.K.SobolevaImpurity Radiation in the Regimes with Bursty Plasma Transport103k
P4.035M.BorchardtTowards a 3-D Plasma Fluid Modelling for the W7-X Divertor314k
P4.036A.HerrmannHeat flux and radiation losses for different divertor geometries in ASDEX Upgrade214k
P4.037H.MaierDeuterium inventories in different divertor configurations of ASDEX Upgrade138k
P4.038V.RohdeComparison of boronization and siliconization in ASDEX Upgrade325k
P4.039D.P.CosterTowards a better understanding of power loading andcarbon radiation in the divertor115k
P4.040J.NeuhauserAnalysis of High-Resolution ASDEX Upgrade Edge Plasma Profiles159k
P4.041J.SchweinzerSeparatrix to pedestal density ratio in ASDEX Upgrade H-modes comparing DIV-I and DIV-II operation108k
P4.042K.KriegerDirect measurement of carbon erosion rates in the divertor of ASDEX Upgrade284k
P4.043A.TabassoStudies of erosion and redeposition in the main chamber wall of the ASDEX Upgrade Tokamak223k
P4.044U.WenzelStudies of the poloidal temperature asymmetry in the scrape-off layer of ASDEX Upgrade186k
P4.045H.ThomsenOn the parallel Correlation of Electrostatic Fluctuations in the Edge Plasma of W7-AS and JET126k
P4.046A.S.KukushkinDivertor Performance in Reduced-Technical-Objective/ Reduced-Cost ITER151k
P4.047U.FantzMolecular Enhanced Recombination in the Divertor of ASDEX Upgrade178k
P4.059L.DuranLongitudinal Current Fluctuations in the SOL of the CASTOR Tokamak120k
P4.060M.TendlerSimulation of Stochastic (ExB) Diffusion of Ions in a Spatially Periodical Potential Field448k
P4.072J.A.HeikkinenL-H Transport Barrier Formation: Neoclassical Simulation and Comparison with Tokamak Experiments 282k
P4.073T.Kurki-SuonioNeutral Flux Measurements as Diagnostics for Edge Radial Electric Field169k
P4.092R.KaitaInitial Diagnostics for the National Spherical Torus Experiment22k

E. Plasma Heating and Current Drive

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
OR21I.MonakhovExperiments on FW-IBW mode conversion heating combined with LHCD on Tore Supra145k
OR22P.PavloResonance Broadening by the Interaction of Spatially Localized LHW with Plasma216k
P1.057C.B.ForestRadio-frequency wave experiments on the MST reversed field pinch107k
P1.069E.LazzaroInternal m=1 mode and magnetic reconnection stabilization witht off-axis ECRH at 800 kW on FTU tokamak100k
P1.070V.KrivenskiBulk Electron Distribution Function and Corresponding TS and ECE Spectra during ECRH167k
P1.110S.F.JiangHL-1M Neutral Beam Injection System and Preliminary NB Heating Experiments122k
P2.038E.WesterhofWave Power Flux and Ray-Tracing in Regions of Electron Cyclotron Resonant Absorption187k
P2.039R.J.AkersNeutral Beam Ion Confinement and Current Drive in the Spherical Tokamak873k
P2.040A.LyssoivanICRF Plasma Production in TORE SUPRA: Analysis of Antenna Coupling and Plasma Properties73k
P2.041J.OngenaInfluence of the beam isotope and of the plasma composition on the performance of plasmas with a radiating mantle in TEXTOR-94229k
P2.042R.KochLow loop voltage start-up of the TEXTOR-94 discharge with ICRF and/or NBI assistance101k
P2.043D.van EesterModelling RF heating in tokamaks: comments on methods and nomenclature139k
P2.078V.F.AndreevReconstruction of the ECRH power deposition profile in T-10 Tokamak169k
P2.097I.Ya.GordienkoDiocotron Instability of Travelling Electrons in Magnetic Gaps of Magneto-Electrostatic Traps432k
P3.014Ph.BibetCoupling properties and edge plasma interaction characteristics of the new Tore Supra Lower Hybrid Antenna138k
P3.015L.-G.ErikssonAnalysis of the Influence of Different ICRF Heating Scenarios on the Performance of Optimised Shear Discharges in JET96k
P3.016F.ImbeauxInterpretation of the q-profile dependence of the LH power deposition profile during LHCD experiments on Tore Supra262k
P3.017Y.GellCurrent Drive Generation Based on Autoresonance and Intermittent Trapping Machanisms234k
P3.018S.PecoulSelf-consistent computations of currents on ICRH antennas with the ICANT code117k
P3.039S.CodaMeasurements of Hard X-Ray Emission Profiles in the TCV Tokamak during Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive60k
P3.040T.P.GoodmanPoloidally Asymmetric Plasma Response during ECH Experiments in TCV214k
P3.041O.SauterCurrent and Pressure Profile Control using ECCD and ECH in TCV354k
P3.060A.BruschiThermal transport and global energy confinement during ECRH at 140 GHz, on steady-state discharges of FTU tokamak52k
P3.064J.S.deGrassieToroidal Rotation and Core Ion Confinement With RF Heating in DIII-D257k
P3.078Y.R.Lin-LiuModeling of Trapped Electron Effects on Electron Cyclotron Current Drive for Recent DIII-D Experiments54k
P3.080M.TribecheEffects of Magnetic Field Line Stochasticity on Resonant Ion Behaviour in ICRF-Heated Tokamak Plasmas490k
P3.081K.AoutouDC Electric Field and Finite Confinement Time Effects on LH Heated Fast Electrons51k
P3.090A.G.ElfimovThe Fast Wave Dissipation And Current Drive In Tokamak Plasmas185k
P3.091V.S.TsypinRadio Frequency Forces, Affecting Ions in Closed Magnetic Traps969k
P3.092G.Amarante SegundoCalculations of Alfvén Wave Driving Forces, Plasma Flow, and Current Drive in The TCABR Tokamak180k
P3.093F.M.NekrasovRadiofrequency conductivity of magnetized plasmas for low aspect ratio tokamaks1164k
P3.111Y.TakeiriLong-Pulse Heating and Plasma Production by Neutral Beam Injection in Large Helical Device232k
P4.048E.PoliGaussian Wave Beam Tracing in Tokamak Plasmas247k
P4.049P.FranzenSpectroscopic Determination of the Species Distribution and the Divergence of the ASDEX Upgrade Neutral Beam Injection System296k
P4.050J.-M.NoterdaemeHe3 in H, Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency Mode Conversion and Minority Heating Experiments in ASDEX Upgrade241k
P4.051W.OttNeutral-Beam Deposition Profiles in the W7-AS Stellarator142k
P4.052U.GasparinoFokker-Planck Estimation of Electron Distribution Functions for High Power ECCD at W7-AS193k
P4.053H.P.LaquaAdvanced High Power ECRH Launch Scenarios at the W7-AS Stellarator 54k
P4.061J.PreinhaelterProposals of quasi-optical grills for ITER and NSTX tokamaks1256k
P4.067M.F.HeynNonlinear Absorption of 2nd Harmonic X-Mode ECRH at W7-AS Stellarator89k
P4.074K.M.RantamäkiAn Electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell Model for a Lower Hybrid Launcher214k
P4.111M.Yu.KantorA study of the LHCD termination mechanism in the FT-2 tokamak197k
P4.112D.G.BulyiginskiyInvestigation of Lower Hybrid Wave Linear Conversion in FT-1 Tokamak by RADAR Enhanced Scattering Diagnostics133k
P4.113A.I.SmirnovElectromagnetic Wave Beams in an Inhomogeneous Magnetoplasma97k

F. Diagnostics

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
OR10A.D.GurchenkoUpper Hybrid Resonance RADAR Scattering Diagnostics of Small Scale Turbulence in Tokamak Plasmas135k
OR11M.MansoStudy of the interplay between the core and edge regions in ITB plasmas using microwave reflectometry on ASDEX Upgrade1315k
P1.042A.R.FieldH-mode studies using the HELIOS (Helium Injection and Optical Spectroscopy) diagnostic on COMPASS-D tokamak127k
P1.043N.C.HawkesMotional Stark Effect q-Profile Measurements on JET59k
P1.071K.J.McCarthyC V Line ratio variations across the TJ-II stellarator112k
P1.072J.A.C.CabralA Method to Determine the Temporal Evolution of the Plasma Column Surface from the Analysis of the Mirnov Coils Signals466k
P1.073P.AcedoFirst Results of the Prototype CO2-HeNe Interferometer for Electron Density Measurements in the TJ-II Stellarator33k
P1.098A.E.CostleyPlasma Diagnostics for RTO/RC - ITER88k
P1.099S.DuorahTemperature Measurements on CHS with a multi-layer mirror soft X-ray spectrometer146k
P1.116C.AvramOn the current-voltage characteristic of different electrodes in an alkaline plasma with surface coating615k
P1.120T.JessenSpectral time series analysis of plasma turbulence479k
P1.128G.EricssonPlasma diagnostics using composite neutron spectra79k
P2.025P.C.de VriesPolarisation of Electron Cyclotron Emission Spectra in LHD178k
P2.045T.SoetensMSE measurements during RI mode on TEXTOR-94190k
P2.046G.FuchsTomographic Inversion in Toroidal Geometry Using Flux Surfaces239k
P2.048Ch.TichmannUse of a neural network for the prediction of disruptions on ASDEX Upgrade170k
P2.049H.BindlevFast ion Collective Thomson Scattering diagnostic for TEXTOR245k
P2.050L.A.ShmaenokDevelopment of Spectrally Selective Ultra Soft X-Ray Tomography System for TEXTOR195k
P2.051G.BonheureIon temperature measurements using the energy spectrum of escaping 3 MeV proton fusion products at TEXTOR-94:670k
P2.052K.HöthkerOn the Measurement of Electric Fields in Magnetized Plasmas by Means of Probes437k
P2.082V.ZhuravlevRoutine density profile measurements by AM reflectometer on T-10178k
P3.019A.N.RomannikovFirst Measurements of Core Toroidal Rotation by Deuterium Neutral Fluxes Analysis62k
P3.020F.Saint-LaurentReal Time Measurement of the Position, Density Profile and Current Profile at Tore-Supra166k
P3.021J.C.ValletBolometry and Radiated Power on Tore Supra171k
P3.022X.L.ZouPoloidal Rotation Measurement in Tore Supra by Reflectometry68k
P3.023D.GrésillonPlasma Cross-B Diffusion and its Measurement by Collective Scattering1204k
P3.024H.van GoubergenThe inclined Mach probe as a diagnostic for perpendicular flow measurements in a stronly magnetized plasma55k
P3.026S.HacquinMethod of density profile reconstruction using pulse broadening measurements, and density fluctuation effects189k
P3.079M.S.RafiqueNeutron and Soft X-ray Emission from Plasma Focus53k
P3.112M.NishihuraPlasma Perturbation Induced by Laser Photodetachment596k
P4.054J.GafertReconstruction of two-dimensional emissivity distributions in the ASDEX Upgrade LYRA-Divertor from TV-CCD-Data441k
P4.055S.BäumelECE imaging development at W7-AS205k
P4.062V.PifflPrototype of the Imaging High-throughput XUV Monochromator on the Base of a Spherical Multilayer Mirror43k
P4.069L.NunesDensity measurements with combined Li-beam diagnostics and microwave reflectometry during advanced tokamak operation on ASDEX Upgrade41k
P4.093E.MazzucatoThe visualization of turbulent fluctuations in tokamaks82k
P4.116A.V.MelnikovHeavy Ion Beam Probe (HIBP) diagnostics design study for GLOBUS-M tokamak213k
P4.117E.Z.GusakovCorrelative Enhanced Scattering Diagnostics of Small Scale Plasma Fluctuations433k
P4.118V.V.BulaninFluctuation measurements in Tuman-3M by microwave reflectometry with tilted antenna beams206k

G. Basic Collisionless Plasma Physics

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
OR08E.WesterhofOn the Turbulence Spectra of Electron Magnetohydrodynamics161k
OR12D.S.DorozhkinaDynamics of Plasma Bunch in Weakly Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field686k
P1.074H.BindslevA linear kinetic model for beam driven chirped Alfvén modes177k
P1.100R.SugayaSingle-Particle Theory for Cross-Field Plasma Acceleration and Potential Formation in a Magnetized Plasma178k
P1.101S.-I.ItohStatistical Theory of Subcritically-Excited Strong Turbulence in Inhomogeneous Plasmas592k
P2.055M.EberhardTransition from time-continuous systems to discrete mappings27k
P2.057G.ValoriNon-linear magnetic reconnection due to external forcing271k
P2.058H.J.de BlankFinite time singularities and regular motion in magnetic reconnection120k
P2.059B.WeyssowHamiltonian map for guiding centres in a perturbed magnetic geometry124k
P2.083V.I.IlgisonisVariational principle for electron magnetohydrodynamics124k
P2.084A.A.IvanovMulti-mode Parametric Excitation of Bernstein Waves under Electron Cyclotron Heating78k
P2.085W.A.CooperThree-dimensional toroidal magnetic fields with islands: analytical examples and numerical model with scalar functions304k
P2.100A.G.SitenkoOn the Scaling Description of Electromagnetic Fluctuations in Strong Magnetized Plasmas272k
P2.101P.P.J.M.SchramTurbulent Diffusion Influence On Large-Scale Fluctuations in Plasmas867k
P2.103A.I.PyatakFundamental Ion Cyclotron Absorption of Fast Magnetosonic Wave Propagating Across Nonuniform Magnetic Field826k
P2.104V.G.PanchenkoAnomalous Diffusion in Magnetoactive Plasma with Hybrid Pump38k
P2.118I.A.IvoninSelf-consistent Properties of Tokamak Plasmas in a State of Turbulent Equipartition81k
P3.027G.DépretIon Turbulence in Tokamak Plasmas318k
P3.029N.I.GrishanovParallel dielectric permittivity of elongated tokamaks for the toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes 1169k
P3.061D.GrassoCollisionless Magnetic Reconnection523k

H. High Intensity Laser Produced Plasmas and Inertial Confinement

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
P1.102T.OkadaMagnetic field generation in ultra-intense laser-plasma interactions1059k
P2.105V.V.ShkurkoLaser-Beam Polarization and Lateral Extension of Ions of a Plasma Torch110k
P2.119M.BranciExtension of LTE formulations to non-LTE conditions59k
P2.120P.KubesNon-Thermal Radiation from Z-Pinch Stable Corona185k

I. Astrophysical and Geophysical Plasmas

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
P1.058S.I.KrasheninnikovEquilibrium of a Gravitating Plasma in a Dipolar Magnetic Field27k
P2.060R.KeppensNon-linear dynamics of Kelvin-Helmholtz unstable magnetized jets408k
P2.087A.B.KukushkinMicrosolid Tubular Skeleton of Long-Living Filaments of Electric Current in Laboratory and Space Plasmas265k
P2.121N.I.GrishanovInfluence of trapped particles with anisotropic temperature on the dielectric permittivity of a magnetospheric plasma1144k
P2.123M.P.LeubnerGeneration of high-energy tail electron populations from broadband Alfvén wave-spectrum interaction 124k
P2.124G.Z.MachabeliPossible Mechanism of the Magnetic Field Generation in Crab Nebula40k
P2.125V.P.PavlenkoRegeneration of Wave Perturbation in the Ionosphere due to Plasma Kinetic Effects62k

J. Low-Temperature Plasmas

NumberFirst AuthorTitleSize
P1.103H.KiyamaA Low Energy Ion Beam Plasma Source with Low Electron Temperature48k
P2.110V.O.GirkaPlasma Source of Magnetron Type Based on Surface Cyclotron Waves Propagation602k
P2.111N.A.AzarenkovGas Discharge in Magnetic Field Sustained by a Quadrupolar SW and Influence of Dust on SW Properties257k
P2.112N.A.AzarenkovThe Radial Properties of High-Frequency Gas Discharges Sustained by Surface Waves in the Presence of an External Magnetic Field849k
P2.113V.A.LisovskiyElectron-drift velocity determination in CF4469k
P2.115D.L.GrekovFeatures of Surface Electromagnetic Waves in Magnetized Plasma Cylinder223k
P2.116S.ChoFrequency dependent effects of helicon plasmas near the lower hybrid resonance178k
P2.126V.I.DoninDetermination of the dispersion relation for the lowest mode of ion-acoustic instabilities in a bounded high-current plasma113k
P4.057H.LangeTALIF Measurements of Dissociation Degree in Pulsed Planar Microwave Hydrogen Plasma76k
P4.121A.V.KudrinNear-antenna Density Channels in a Magnetoplasma: Ionization Formation and Ducting Properties in the Lower-hybrid Band208k